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The Death of European Welfare.

Europe is being inundated by immigrants from failed states in North Africa and the Middle East. Millions have already made the trek to the major destinations of Germany and Sweden. These nations offer some of the most generous no-strings-attached welfare benefits in all of Europe. The governments of these nations are eager to take them […]

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Welfare Slaves: At Least 35% Of Americans Receiving Welfare.

Potentially the most insidious trend amongst the populace of America is the entitlement mindset. This is a truism; we hear it all the time. That does not make it any less true. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a staggering 35% of all Americans receive some type of federal welfare benefit. And that’s just federal […]

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Immigration Protests Rock Southern California.

In the Washington Times, we read: Rumors had swirled among anti-immigration activists near a U.S. Border Patrol station in Southern California that the agency would try again to bus in some of the immigrants who have flooded across the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead, they got dueling anti- and pro-immigration rallies Friday. The crowd of 200 outside […]

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Cliven Bundy, the “Hateful Racist”?

Cliven Bundy, the Nevadan cattle rancher currently locked in a public lands grazing dispute with the Bureau of Land Management, recently gave an off-the-cuff Q&A session with a crowd of supporters and reporters. He made some interesting comments, which will probably further polarize an already polarizing figure. As the New York Times reports: [Bundy] said […]

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The USA – Future Totalitarian Dystopia?

There are a number of serious political and economic questions to be asked about the future of America. In the economic sphere, we are in uncharted territory. The total supply of money in the U.S. has never been as high as it is now. Even 10 years ago, this rate of monetary expansion would’ve been […]

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Everything has Consequences: Lyndon Johnson, Racism, and Welfare.

A popular political slogan in America is “Ideas have Consequences.” This is an accurate slogan, but I do not think it goes far enough. The Uncle Papa Thomé version goes like this: EVERYTHING has consequences. When searching for the cause of a given effect, more needs to be examined than just the underlying idea. The […]

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Britain on the Brink, Cont’d: Benefits Street.

This is an add-on to my previous article on the collapse of the British welfare state. These people live on the government dole. Everything they have is paid for through welfare. Compared to a poor village in China or India, they live like kings; but in terms of the future, they have little hope for […]

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Britain on the Brink – Welfare Collapse Within Two Years?

An influential British think-tank, the Institute for Economic Affairs, has recently released a study in which they say that Britain faces “crippling” tax increases and cuts to welfare spending possibly within the next two years, as the elderly population continues to grow. As the Telegraph reports: Britain faces “crippling” tax rises and spending cuts if […]

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The Left-Wing is Dead.

The Left Wing in America is dead; ideologically speaking, that is. Left-wing movements and organizations continue to be active. There is as much agitation for welfare-state expansion from left-wing politicians as ever. Liberal Democrats and Republicans continue to push for spending on various welfare schemes. Public schools and college professors preach left-wing ideals as fervently […]

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Ron Paul: Proposed Defense Cuts are “Smoke and Mirrors”.

Ron Paul discusses the proposed defense cuts in this article from the Ron Paul Institute: Last week Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel proposed an additional 40,000 reduction in active duty US Army personnel, down to 450,000 soldiers. As US troops are being withdrawn from the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it might make sense to […]

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