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Feeling The Bern: Venezuela In Chaos

Venezuelans are feeling the Bern, as some enthusiastic Americans might say, while their far left-wing governmental system enters the final stage of socialism: terminal collapse. From the New York Times: As the effort to oust President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela by referendum gains support, his government is ratcheting up repression. On Friday, Mr. Maduro declared […]

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Smart Swiss: “Free-Money-For-All” Rejected.

I have said before that if I were to live in any one nation outside of the United States, it would probably be Switzerland. Generally speaking, the Swiss government is very friendly to liberty. It is heavily decentralized. Military spending is low, and focused entirely on defensive operations. The economy is highly capitalistic, rated as […]

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Against Bernie Sanders.

I dislike Donald Trump. But his campaign interests me. He is a true political outsider, and the GOP Establishment hates his guts. But Trump puts butts in seats. He has grassroots support. I ultimately do not think he’ll get the Republican nomination, but then again, maybe he will. He’ll have certainly left his mark on […]

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Socialism vs. Communism: How are they Different?

Recently, I was asked about the difference between Socialism and Communism. It’s an understandable question. Most people only understand this about Socialism and Communism: that they’ll both make you poorer. This is acceptable. At bottom line, it’s all anyone really needs to know. But understanding the differences is great for historical and economic comprehension. It’s […]

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Green Politics: The New Socialism.

Communism died in December of 1991, after the USSR committed seppuku. Literally overnight, the Soviet empire disappeared. The international communist movement went down with it. In the West, there was a great knashing of teeth among socialist intellectuals. These people had insisted for nearly 75 years that a society run by engineers, professors and bureaucrats […]

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Bad Credit: S&P Downgrades Finland Debt Rating.

On CNBC, we read: Standard & Poor’s downgraded Finland’s sovereign debt rating to AA+ from AAA on Friday, citing economic weak development. It also revised the country’s outlook to “stable” from “negative.” The ratings agency said Finland could experience “protracted stagnation” due to its aging population, shrinking workforce and weakening external demand. In addition, S&P […]

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Meanwhile, in Venezuela… Civil War?

Venezuela has been totally rocked in recent weeks by intense clashes between the pro-government forces of socialist president Nicolas Maduro and anti-government protestors, largely comprised of students and middle class citizens. The pro-government forces condemn the mass protests as a coup attempt, with President Maduro often making claims of shady U.S. involvement behind the scenes, […]

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The Left-Wing is Dead.

The Left Wing in America is dead; ideologically speaking, that is. Left-wing movements and organizations continue to be active. There is as much agitation for welfare-state expansion from left-wing politicians as ever. Liberal Democrats and Republicans continue to push for spending on various welfare schemes. Public schools and college professors preach left-wing ideals as fervently […]

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Historic Misconception: Fascism Vs. Socialism.

When most individuals hear “Socialism”, they think of Communist Russia. When most individuals hear “Fascism”, they think of Nazi Germany. Russia and Germany were archrivals in the Second World War. Adolf Hitler viewed the Communism of Russia as Naziism’s ultimate enemy. Because of these historical circumstances, many people come to a sincerely flawed conclusion: that […]

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Socialism in Action: Venezuela Suffers From Severe Inflation, Massive Shortages.

Venezuela, under the revolutionary and visionary leadership of socialist Nicolas Maduro, is suffering from some of the worst inflation in the Americas. In 2013 alone, the black market value of a Venezuelan Bolivar against a US Dollar declined by a staggering 73%. Price controls on food and basic consumer goods have created drastic shortages as […]

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