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War… Again: Trump, Syria, and Gary Johnson.

During the last election cycle, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was asked for his policy views on the Syrian Civil War – specifically, what was happening at the time in the city of Aleppo. He replied with a mildly blank stare, “What is Aleppo?” He was heavily derided at the time as an uninformed moron. Me? […]

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Eulogizing King Abdullah…

On the NY Times, we read: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who came to the throne in old age and earned a reputation as a cautious reformer even as the Arab Spring revolts toppled heads of state and Islamic State militants threatened the Muslim establishment that he represented, died on Friday, according to a statement […]

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Obama’s War on ISIS Summarized.

No comment necessary.

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Merchants of Death: Congress Authorizing Arms, Funding to Syrian Rebels.

On CNN, we read: The House on Wednesday approved President Obama’s request to arm and train Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS. With significant opposition to the proposal in both parties, the vote was 273 -156. More than one third of the House — 71 Republicans and 85 Democrats — voted no. Passing this […]

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Ron Paul: “What Have We Ever Accomplished In Iraq?”

Written by Ron Paul, as posted at the Ron Paul Institute: We have been at war with Iraq for 24 years, starting with Operations Desert Shield and Storm in 1990. Shortly after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait that year, the propaganda machine began agitating for a US attack on Iraq. We all remember the appearance before […]

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ISIS, Hegelianism, and the Power Elite.

Written by D. Senti, and posted to WashingtonsBlog.com: [Anthony] Sutton was a well-respected establishment scholar for a time. He was a research Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford as well as a professor of economics. His career would have been unexceptional, were it not for two particular quirks: he chose to research the elite, […]

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Neo-Conservatism and Schizophrenia.

There are two groups in American political discourse that annoy me thoroughly: Progressive Liberals, and Neo-Conservatives. I love arguing with these people, but I am still annoyed by them. Between the two of them, I am far more annoyed with Neo-Conservatives. Recent events in Iraq have reminded me of how true this is. The other […]

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To the Bitter End: Civil War Tearing Iraq Apart.

The seminal failure and hellhole known as Iraq has once again degenerated into utter chaos as militants associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) have overrun vast portions of the country, leaving a violent trail of destruction and strict Sharia law in their wake. Most of eastern Iraq has fallen to […]

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Ayatollah of Iran: “Endless Jihad until America is Destroyed.”

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently declared in a public comments that Iran will never end it’s nuclear program willingly, and that one of the Iranian Government’s guiding ideals is the supposed destruction of the United States. As The Daily Caller reports: “Those [Iranians] who want to promote negotiation and surrender to […]

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Benghazi: House Democrats Consider Investigation Boycott.

The controversy surrounding the Benghazi Killings of 9/11/2012 have recently seen a resurgence in attention as new evidence suggests a cover-up and internal stonewalling over what exactly conspired that evening. The renewed push for a special investigation into the affair has split Congress almost evenly along party lines, with Republicans heavily agitating for an investigative […]

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