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Ron Paul: “Who Will Pay For Refugees?”

From Ron Paul, as posted at the Ron Paul Institute: Last week the US House dealt a blow to President Obama’s plan to resettle 10,000 Syrians fleeing their war-torn homeland. On a vote of 289-137, including 47 Democrats, the House voted to require the FBI to closely vet any applicant from Syria and to guarantee […]

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Ron Paul: Obama Seeks “Blank Check” For War.

From the Ron Paul Institute, as written by Ron Paul: Last week President Obama sent Congress legislation to authorize him to use force against ISIS “and associated persons and forces” anywhere in the world for the next three years. This is a blank check for the president to start as many new wars as he […]

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UK General: “Bombing ISIS is Futile.”

On The Sunday Times, we read: A Former head of the UK military warned this weekend that Isis, also known as Islamic State, will never be defeated by air attacks alone… General Lord Richards, who stepped down as chief of the defence staff last year, said a conventional military campaign on the scale of the […]

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Obama’s War on ISIS Summarized.

No comment necessary.

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Merchants of Death: Congress Authorizing Arms, Funding to Syrian Rebels.

On CNN, we read: The House on Wednesday approved President Obama’s request to arm and train Syrian rebels in the fight against ISIS. With significant opposition to the proposal in both parties, the vote was 273 -156. More than one third of the House — 71 Republicans and 85 Democrats — voted no. Passing this […]

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Imperial Presidency: Obama to Bypass Congress in Attacking ISIS.

On Yahoo! News, we read: President Barack Obama will ask Congress to quickly authorize the arming and training of Syrian opposition forces but will press forward without formal sign-off from lawmakers on a broader military and political effort to combat militants in Syria and Iraq, administration officials said Tuesday. The president’s broader strategy could include […]

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Obama to fight Islamic State AND Syrian President Assad?

On Yahoo! News, we read: The U.S. and its allies are trying to hammer out a coalition to push back the Islamic State group in Iraq… That, however, is far more complicated. If it launches airstrikes against the group in Syria, the U.S. runs the risk of unintentionally strengthening the hand of President Bashar Assad, […]

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ISIS, Hegelianism, and the Power Elite.

Written by D. Senti, and posted to WashingtonsBlog.com: [Anthony] Sutton was a well-respected establishment scholar for a time. He was a research Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford as well as a professor of economics. His career would have been unexceptional, were it not for two particular quirks: he chose to research the elite, […]

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Another 9/11? – My Thoughts on ISIS and America.

On The Daily Caller, we read: An intelligence official warned Thursday that the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “sees conflict with the U.S. as inevitable,” The Washington Post’s David Ignatius reported in his latest column. The columnist, known for his extensive sourcing in the intelligence community, summarized an intelligence briefing he […]

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Stockman: “Hell No, Taxpayers Shouldn’t Go To Syria!”

From David Stockman, as posted to David Stockman’s Contra Corner: Barrack Obama has rekindled 1968. Back then the folly of Vietnam had become so self-evident and omnipresent that the most power-obsessed President in US history was driven from office and his bloody escalation of the war on Vietnam was stopped in its tracks by the overwhelming […]

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