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Take a Hike: Federal Reserve Planning For Recession?

Last week, the Federal Reserve “raised rates”, as the mainstream financial media is apt to say. What this really means is that the Federal Raise raised the only interest rate that they have any direct control over: the rate of interest paid on excess reserves. The rate was increased from 0.5% – barely above zero […]

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Europe, Breaking Keynesian Rules: Deflation But No Recession?

On the Wall Street Journal, we read: The European Central Bank has the option of engaging in large-scale asset purchases, known as quantitative easing, but such a policy is not needed at present after the bank unveiled extraordinary measures to fight too-low inflation last week, a top ECB official said Friday. “It’s in the toolbox. […]

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Inflation Hits: Food Prices Going Up.

I have long warned that the Federal Reserve’s policy of monetary inflation would produce rising prices. Wait no longer. It is happening. Below are the most recent stats on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Tracking the Median CPI is better than the normal CPI. It is less volatile. […]

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Meanwhile, in Venezuela… Civil War?

Venezuela has been totally rocked in recent weeks by intense clashes between the pro-government forces of socialist president Nicolas Maduro and anti-government protestors, largely comprised of students and middle class citizens. The pro-government forces condemn the mass protests as a coup attempt, with President Maduro often making claims of shady U.S. involvement behind the scenes, […]

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The USA – Future Totalitarian Dystopia?

There are a number of serious political and economic questions to be asked about the future of America. In the economic sphere, we are in uncharted territory. The total supply of money in the U.S. has never been as high as it is now. Even 10 years ago, this rate of monetary expansion would’ve been […]

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Janet Yellen’s First Press Release: Quick Thoughts and Analysis.

Janet Yellen, Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, recently solidified her reign by holding her first post-FOMC official press release. In the release, Ms. Yellen made some mildly interesting comments. Previous chairman Ben Bernanke had maintained that inflation at 2% and unemployment at 6.5% would signal the Fed to begin winding down its asset purchase program. […]

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Is the Price of Gold Rigged?

I am a believer in purchasing gold bullion. However, I have no illusions: gold is not money, at least not nowadays. Dollars are money. Digits on a computer in the banking system are money. But gold beats inflation. In the modern day, all major governments are inflationary. The gold market is poorly understood by the […]

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Why You Should Consider Buying Gold and Silver.

I am a supporter of investing in precious metals, namely gold and silver. I believe it is smart for an individual to hold a decent portion of their wealth in physical bullion coins. I have many reasons for this. Nobody should expect to make a significant profit off such an investment, but rather to preserve […]

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Federal Reserve Statement – “Inflation Forever.”

Recently, the Federal Reserve declared their intent to continue expanding the monetary base by $900 billion per year. This is a reduction of 12% from the previous $1 trillion per year. Despite this tiny, mostly insignificant taper, the Federal Reserve has also vocalized their intent to continue monetary inflation for the foreseeable future. As declared […]

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Socialism in Action: Venezuela Suffers From Severe Inflation, Massive Shortages.

Venezuela, under the revolutionary and visionary leadership of socialist Nicolas Maduro, is suffering from some of the worst inflation in the Americas. In 2013 alone, the black market value of a Venezuelan Bolivar against a US Dollar declined by a staggering 73%. Price controls on food and basic consumer goods have created drastic shortages as […]

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