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The Rising Star Of The 21st Century Is…

India. Why India? First, the population is massive and growing. It will overtake China as the #1 most populous nation within this century. Second, it is a common law country. This was the greatest gift bestowed on them by English colonial rule. Common law is far better for individual liberty and cooperative society, as opposed […]

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Will the US Dollar Collapse, Be Replaced By Chinese Yuan?

A few days ago, I had a discussion with someone who fervently believes the dollar is going to collapse and become worthless. The main thrust of their argument was that the Chinese Yuan is going to become more valuable, the other countries of the world will abandon the dollar for the Yuan, and the good […]

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The BRICS Bank: An International Anti-Dollar Alliance?

In a New York Times editorial, we read: On July 15, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — the BRICS group of nations — announced the creation of the New Development Bank aimed at challenging the American-led global economic order. The United States and Europe should take note that these nations […]

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China and India Smashing Gold Import Records.

Within the past year, China has imported more physical gold than ever before in modern history. In August 2013, China imported an impressive 131.4 tons of gold; in March of 2013, China imported a record-smashing 223.5 tons of physical gold. India historically imports a large amount of gold, namely because it is used far more […]

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Indian Rupee Imploding – Loses 20% of Value Since Start Of Year.

The Rupee, the currency unit mandated by the Indian Government, has gone from bad to worse since the beginning of 2013, becoming one of the world’s worst performing currencies. The Rupee took a 4% hit last night alone, clocking in at nearly 69 Rupees to 1 dollar. This a vast worsening from the somewhat stable […]

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Communist Rebels Attack Indian Politicians, Kill 24.

Rebels from the militant communist Naxalite movement killed 24 in an attack yesterday on a campaign convoy for the ruling Congress Party of India. The Congress Party Convoy had been sent deep into the jungle to campaign amongst tribal peoples, also the traditional stomping grounds of the Naxalite Movement. As the Associated Press reports: “Indian […]

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