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Crack-up: Greece On The Verge of Default.

In the Business Insider, we read: Greece is preparing to take the dramatic step of declaring a debt default unless it can reach a deal with its international creditors by the end of April, according to people briefed on the radical leftist government’s thinking. The government, which is rapidly running out of funds to pay […]

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What Happens if Greece Leaves the Euro…

In an Associated Press report, we read: PARIS (AP) — France’s president has raised the possibility of Greece leaving the shared euro currency, but says that’s a decision for “Greece alone” to make. Some in Europe have expressed concern that if the left-wing Syriza party wins this month’s general election in Greece, the new government […]

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Greek Supreme Court: Seizing Bank Deposits Unconstitutional.

  The Greek Supreme Court has ruled that seizure of bank deposits to pay debts to the state is unconstitutional. This means that the Greek Government is not allowed to seize depositor’s money to pay the debts of overleveraged bankers. As Keep Talking Greece reports: Greece’s Supreme Court ruled that the seizure of bank deposits […]

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The Solution to Europe’s Problems: Right Here.

A lot of European nations are in pretty sorry shape, economically speaking. Virtually all of the Mediterranean nations – Spain, Italy, Greece, France, and Slovenia – in addition to Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary and Ireland have some serious issues to deal with. All of these nations suffer from massive Welfare States. For the most part, they […]

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Greek Labor Ministry Contemplates Seizing Private Assets

Greece is in deep trouble. They are in the midst of their worst depression in history. Unfortunately for the Greeks, it could get a lot worse. The greek Labor and Social Insurance Ministry is contemplating “drastic measures”  in order to bring some sense of solvency to the troubled nation’s government-run Social Security system, which includes […]

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Lost Generation: Greece Youth Unemployment hits 65%.

According to the most recent labor force survey released by the Greek government, nearly 65% of all Greeks aged 15-24 years old are unemployed. This is an increase over last April’s report of 54%. I am unsure, but this may be an all-time youth unemployment record for a “developed” nation. I have discussed this before: […]

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Greek Prostitution Soars 150%, Youth Jobless 75% in Some Areas.

According to a report issued by the Greek National Center for Social Research, the number of Greeks selling sex for money has skyrocketed 150% over the past two years. Greece, suffering from their worst depression in modern history, has seen youth unemployment soar to a national average of 60%. In the Greek region of Western […]

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Youth Unemployment in Greece tops 60%.

Youth unemployment rates in Greece have broken 60%. This is outrageous. Over half of all potential workers 15 to 25 years of age are jobless. In Spain, conditions are nearly as bleak: youth unemployment rates top 40%. Portugal? 38%. Italy? 40%. Within the entire European Union, a mere handful of nations have youth unemployment rates […]

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“Euro Could Destroy the EU”, George Soros Warns.

George Soros, Hungarian-American business magnate and billionaire, has cleaned out his investment portfolio of most Euro-related exposure, citing what he sees as possible rebellion amongst European States. In an interview with Dutch TV, Soros even goes as far to declare that the Euro Crisis could “potentially destroy the European Union.” “Germany needs to realise that […]

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