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Omen? Baltic Dry Index Lowest in 29 Years.

On CBC.ca, we read: The Baltic Dry Index (BDI), an obscure economic indicator that monitors the health of the world’s economy by tracking the price of shipping dry goods over oceans, has fallen to its lowest level in 29 years. The index, compiled daily by London-based Baltic Exchange, is a daily number that tracks the […]

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The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful.

It has been nearly 7 years since the Great Recession of 2008. Some people have recovered, but many have not. When I say “recovered”, I mean recovered the lifestyle they had pre-2008. Whether willingly or unwillingly, there are many people who have downgraded their lifestyle. How do I know this? Examine the below chart – […]

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Widening Gap Between Rich and Super-Rich: What Does it Mean?

In the New York Times, we read: Philip Rushton has been selling private jets to the global rich for more than three decades. In just about every economic cycle, sales of small jets and big jets tended to move together — rising and falling with financial markets and fortunes of the wealthy. Now, however, the […]

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Unemployment Lowest Since 2008, And It’s Bad News…

Numbers recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the Unemployment Rate has dipped to 5.9%. Those individuals who believe the US economy is going through a recovery phase hailed the numbers as a sign of the long-awaited light at the end of the recessionary tunnel. Vice President Joe Biden is one such […]

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The Death of Modern Economics.

On Reuters, we read: The euro was deep in the red on Friday, having suffered its steepest fall in three years after the European Central Bank stunned markets by cutting interest rates and embarking on a trillion-euro asset-buying binge. The aggressive shift sent short-term bond yields into negative territory in Germany, France, the Netherlands and […]

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California: Record Numbers of 50 to 64 Year Olds Shacking Up with Parents.

A recent study conducted by researchers at UCLA have found that the number of 50-64 year olds in California moving back into the homes of their even older parents has ballooned by 67% over the past 7 years. The study attempted to count only those who moved back in due to economic necessity, as opposed […]

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Kansas City Fed: “Keep Interest Rates at Zero.”

The Federal Reserve currently holds interest rates in the U.S. near zero. Look at your own bank accounts to see evidence of this. The Federal Reserve keeps rates low through it’s asset-purchasing program, which I have described here. Low interest rates are supposed to encourage borrowing and lending, thereby theoretically stirring demand and stimulating economic […]

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Janet Yellen’s First Press Release: Quick Thoughts and Analysis.

Janet Yellen, Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, recently solidified her reign by holding her first post-FOMC official press release. In the release, Ms. Yellen made some mildly interesting comments. Previous chairman Ben Bernanke had maintained that inflation at 2% and unemployment at 6.5% would signal the Fed to begin winding down its asset purchase program. […]

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Economic Recovery? – Quantitative Easing Examined.

Ben Bernanke will retire from the position of Chairman of the Federal Reserve on January 31st, 2014, after having served 8 years. He was originally nominated by President Bush in 2006, and re-nominated in 2010 by President Obama. Bernanke has presided over the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and will likely be remembered […]

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