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Mall Meltdown: Brawls Across America.

In the Daily Mail, we read this: Malls across America descended into chaos and violence on Monday as bargain-hungry shoppers engaged in mass brawls, fought in food courts and – in one instance – led to a SWAT team being deployed. Fights were reported across the country, with instances at malls in Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, […]

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Is the War in Afghanistan Really Over?

A few days ago, NATO officially marked the end of the combat mission in Afghanistan. It is widely being referred to as the end of the war. On Fox News, we read: President Obama on Sunday marked the end of the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan by calling it a “milestone” for the country and […]

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The USA – Future Totalitarian Dystopia?

There are a number of serious political and economic questions to be asked about the future of America. In the economic sphere, we are in uncharted territory. The total supply of money in the U.S. has never been as high as it is now. Even 10 years ago, this rate of monetary expansion would’ve been […]

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Britain on the Brink – Welfare Collapse Within Two Years?

An influential British think-tank, the Institute for Economic Affairs, has recently released a study in which they say that Britain faces “crippling” tax increases and cuts to welfare spending possibly within the next two years, as the elderly population continues to grow. As the Telegraph reports: Britain faces “crippling” tax rises and spending cuts if […]

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Social Security: Searching for the Truth.

This article on the current state of Social Security appeared on Yahoo Finance a few days ago. It sounds a lot like most mainstream articles on Social Security sound; hints of an inner problem with the system, but no attempt to rock the boat. Reading articles like this, you’d assume there was really no problem […]

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The Future of Social Security and Medicare.

  The present unfunded future liabilities of the U.S. government are currently estimated near $222 trillion. This is not the estimated future value of unfunded liabilities; this is the present value of liabilities in the future. That means this number will become much larger. This number, $222 trillion, means that the U.S. government must raise […]

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Russian Gov’t Seizes Private Pensions; Can It Happen Here?

The Russian Government has temporarily seized 244 Billion Rubles (approx. $7.6 billion) from private pension funds under the guise of performing “inspections” on the soundness of the accounts. Of course, nobody with an ounce of sense believes that: The Russian Government will likely use the money to patch its own budgetary balloon as the Russian […]

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Scare Tactics: Government Default Imminent?

There is a lot of talk from Obama and the Treasury Department on the looming threat of a government default. It is all pure baloney. The below chart is the yield curve for Treasury debt over the past few days, as derived from data provided by the Treasury itself. What do you notice about the […]

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David Stockman – Sundown in America: The State-Wreck Ahead.

David Stockman, former director of the Office of Management and Budget in the early 1980s and author of The Great Deformation, has reappeared in the mainstream within the past 2 years. Stockman’s scathing bat-out-of-hell indictments against ever-increasing American Statism have made him quite a few enemies (namely in the Democratic and Republican establishments), but have […]

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