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Trump: U.S. Dollar is “Too Strong”?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump said this: Mr. Trump said the U.S. dollar was already “too strong” in part because China holds down its currency, the yuan. “Our companies can’t compete with them now because our currency is too strong. And it’s killing us.” The yuan is “dropping like a rock,” […]

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Ron Paul: “Will the Swiss Get Their Gold Back?”

Posted to the Ron Paul Institute, as written by Ron Paul. On November 30th, voters in Switzerland will head to the polls to vote in a referendum on gold. On the ballot is a measure to prohibit the Swiss National Bank (SNB) from further gold sales, to repatriate Swiss-owned gold to Switzerland, and to mandate […]

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Will the US Dollar Collapse, Be Replaced By Chinese Yuan?

A few days ago, I had a discussion with someone who fervently believes the dollar is going to collapse and become worthless. The main thrust of their argument was that the Chinese Yuan is going to become more valuable, the other countries of the world will abandon the dollar for the Yuan, and the good […]

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Ukrainian Currency Crashing, Short-Term Bonds Spiking.

The trouble in Ukraine is not limited to rambunctious protests. The Ukrainian Hyrvnia tumbled a vicious 6.8% in value against the dollar today alone. This is leaves a record 9.8 UA Hyrvnia to 1 US Dollar, which is the worst exchange rate seen since 2009. I sense possible capital controls in the near future. Or […]

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Why You Should Consider Buying Gold and Silver.

I am a supporter of investing in precious metals, namely gold and silver. I believe it is smart for an individual to hold a decent portion of their wealth in physical bullion coins. I have many reasons for this. Nobody should expect to make a significant profit off such an investment, but rather to preserve […]

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Bitcoin: The Inevitable Future of Money?

I have had a few interesting debates/arguments with other libertarians over the uncertain future of Bitcoin. Mainly, I have argued with libertarians who seem to think that Bitcoin presents some type of short-term threat to the power of the US dollar and the Federal Reserve. These people have claimed that Bitcoin is marching onward and […]

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Ron Paul: “Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich”

  Ron Paul discusses the Federal Reserve, the new Fed Chairwoman, and monetary policy in this edition of Texas Straight Talk: Last Thursday the Senate Banking Committee held hearings on Janet Yellen’s nomination as Federal Reserve Board Chairman. As expected, Ms. Yellen indicated that she would continue the Fed’s “quantitative easing” (QE) polices, despite QE’s […]

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Nixon’s Impact on the Dollar vs. Gold

I stumbled across these nicely-designed charts whilst surfing the interweb. On August 15th, 1971, then-President Richard Nixon ended the pseudo-international gold standard known as the Bretton Woods system; Bretton Woods was a flawed and doomed system to begin with (a story that deserves it’s own article later own), but at least it vaguely resembled some […]

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Indian Rupee Imploding – Loses 20% of Value Since Start Of Year.

The Rupee, the currency unit mandated by the Indian Government, has gone from bad to worse since the beginning of 2013, becoming one of the world’s worst performing currencies. The Rupee took a 4% hit last night alone, clocking in at nearly 69 Rupees to 1 dollar. This a vast worsening from the somewhat stable […]

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Money, The Root Of All Evil? – Revisited

I have a brief addendum to an article I wrote a few days earlier on the nature of money, and why it is an extremely humane and benevolent invention. There is another factor which makes the use of currency a truly wonderful practice: Divisibility of Value. Consider the money-less society of pure barter. Let’s imagine […]

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