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The Rising Star Of The 21st Century Is…

India. Why India? First, the population is massive and growing. It will overtake China as the #1 most populous nation within this century. Second, it is a common law country. This was the greatest gift bestowed on them by English colonial rule. Common law is far better for individual liberty and cooperative society, as opposed […]

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Eulogizing Castro: Ridiculous Hypocrisy.

Fidel Castro has died at 90 years old. From the beginning of the Cuban communist revolution to now, he is estimated to have directly caused the deaths of over 100,000 people. Many of them were executed. Another few thousand died in the chaotic violence of the revolution. Many more of them died as political prisoners […]

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Socialism vs. Communism: How are they Different?

Recently, I was asked about the difference between Socialism and Communism. It’s an understandable question. Most people only understand this about Socialism and Communism: that they’ll both make you poorer. This is acceptable. At bottom line, it’s all anyone really needs to know. But understanding the differences is great for historical and economic comprehension. It’s […]

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Marco Rubio, Cuba, and Schizophrenic Conservatism.

On Fox News, we read: To hear former Texas Republican congressman and longtime conservative rock star, Ron Paul, tell it, Marco Rubio is clueless when it comes to the power of the free market.  “It’s like talking to a stone wall,” said Paul.  Paul is aware of Rubio’s ongoing verbal sparring with his son, Rand. […]

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World’s Largest Fraud: China.

China is not a communist country. Communism in China died with Deng Xiaoping’s agricultural reforms in the late 1970s. The legacy of Mao Zedong is kept around merely as a nationalist tool. Nobody in China believes in Marxism or Maoism anymore. The government openly spurns Maoism, in fact. There is almost nothing communist about modern […]

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Historic Misconception: Fascism Vs. Socialism.

When most individuals hear “Socialism”, they think of Communist Russia. When most individuals hear “Fascism”, they think of Nazi Germany. Russia and Germany were archrivals in the Second World War. Adolf Hitler viewed the Communism of Russia as Naziism’s ultimate enemy. Because of these historical circumstances, many people come to a sincerely flawed conclusion: that […]

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Tale of Two Koreas: Communism vs. Capitalism.

The comparison between North and South Korea is incredible. It hit me earlier today just how perfect a case study the two nations really are. South Korea could certainly be called “Capitalist”. It has it’s share of obtrusive government and violent regulation, but South Korea is on the “more free” side of the fence. The […]

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Anthem of North Korea: Stark Contrast.

This is the National Anthem of North Korea, being performed at some type of patriotic ceremony. There’s no denying: This is a striking and lovely tune. It seems to me such strange contrast. North Korea is not a nice place, as you’ve probably already heard. There is tons of evidence of this. A lucky few […]

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One-World Government: How Worried Should You Be?

The term “one-world government” has nothing but the most sinister of overtones when used in modern conversation. The hatred of such an idea is usually attributed to perceived “right wing” tinfoil hat-types. Perceived “leftists” are also typically not enthusiastic about the idea either, usually preferring to promote something along the lines of “international cooperation” (such […]

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Humans and Machines: Friends or Foes?

I recently had an interesting conversation with someone I met at a social function. This person strongly believes that automation and the use of production machinery in the modern economy is the main cause of unemployment and misery in the lower classes. This person also went on to assert that there should be “Make Work” […]

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