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Slowing Economic Growth: The True Death of Keynes.

The following chart was published not that long ago in a Gallup study. It depicts the real overall economic slowdown that has occurred in the USA since 1966: The implications are stunning. For over 50 years, the Keynesian economic establishment running the US government has claimed to be furthering economic growth. This is the entire […]

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Alan Greenspan: “The Economy Sucks. Buy Gold.”

Alan “the Maestro” Greenspan is the former chairman of the Federal Reserve. He was also one of the foremost architects of the 2008 recession. Greenspan is severely at fault for the massive housing bubble of the early 2000s, which he has yet to willingly accept any blame for. But perhaps he is finally facing the […]

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Understanding Modern Economics in the USA.

Most Americans know practically nothing about Economics. The only economic principle most people recall is “supply and demand”. Otherwise, the average level of economic literacy in America is nil. Most Americans’ exposure to Economics takes place in college classrooms. This is unfortunate, because one of the worst places to learn about economics is in the […]

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Economic Education: Rothbard on Recessions

Have you wondered how economic recessions occur, why they occur, and why they drag on? In this short 3-minute video, my favorite economist Murray Rothbard will explain everything.

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Bitcoin: Healthy and Here to Stay? My Predictions.

Bitcoin, the increasingly popular virtual currency touted as an alternative to the dollar, has smashed record highs over $1000 per unit within the past week. People who obtained large amounts of Bitcoin for next to nothing just a few years ago find themselves a millionaire today. There is no question that the Bitcoin frenzy has […]

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Ron Paul: The Longer QE Goes On, The Worse The End Will Be.

In this interesting interview with the Birch Gold Group, former congressman Ron Paul discusses his views on a number of relevant economic topics, including precious metals, the future of the dollar, and Federal Reserve policy. Rachel Mills for Birch Gold Group (BGG): This is Rachel Mills for Birch Gold Group. I am speaking with Ron […]

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Money, The Root Of All Evil? – Revisited

I have a brief addendum to an article I wrote a few days earlier on the nature of money, and why it is an extremely humane and benevolent invention. There is another factor which makes the use of currency a truly wonderful practice: Divisibility of Value. Consider the money-less society of pure barter. Let’s imagine […]

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Money: The Root of All Evil?

I recently encountered an individual who claimed that a majority of society’s ills are due to the existence of money, and that a society without money in which people “produce for need and not profit” is what the world needs to move towards. This person boldly declared, “Money is the root of all evil.” First […]

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