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The Rising Star Of The 21st Century Is…

India. Why India? First, the population is massive and growing. It will overtake China as the #1 most populous nation within this century. Second, it is a common law country. This was the greatest gift bestowed on them by English colonial rule. Common law is far better for individual liberty and cooperative society, as opposed […]

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Trump: China Waging “Economic War” Against the USA?

From Real Clear Politics: Trump responded Sunday at a rally in Staten Island, NY, saying that over the course of the past thirty years, China has “waged an economic war against [the United States].” “You have to look at my response to China,” Trump said excitedly. “Because it is what someone has to say. Because […]

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Implosion: The Coming Crash in China.

The Chinese economy is in for an enormous crash. It will be unlike anything else seen in modern history. Charles Hugh Smith has written an interesting article which shows us something important for the future: Few question the importance of private credit in the global economy. When households and businesses are borrowing to expand production […]

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When Allies Attack – Afghan Soldier Kills US General.

On Fox News, we read: A man in an Afghan Army uniform opened fire Tuesday at a military base, killing a U.S. general and wounding 15 people, among them a German brigadier general and a number of Americans troops. U.S. officials identified the murdered American late Tuesday as Maj. Gen. Harold Greene. Greene was the […]

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The BRICS Bank: An International Anti-Dollar Alliance?

In a New York Times editorial, we read: On July 15, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — the BRICS group of nations — announced the creation of the New Development Bank aimed at challenging the American-led global economic order. The United States and Europe should take note that these nations […]

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Trouble in the Chinese Economy? – A Quick Video.

Alarmist commentators and politicians in America like to pretend that China is a vastly efficient foreign bogeyman with an economy bound to outstrip the USA’s. However, they are ignoring the major elephant in the room…

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China Overtaking American Economy in Size; What Does it Mean?

On the red carpet on the White House Correspondent’s dinner pre-party, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked if Americans should be worried about a report from the International Comparison Program concluding that China would overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy this year. Her response was interesting. As PJ Media reports: House Minority […]

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TED Talk: “My Escape from North Korea.”

This is the story of one girl’s escape from North Korea, and how she eventually smuggled her family out of North Korea through perilous experiences in China, Thailand and Laos, before eventually reaching South Korea. It is clear what lesson one can take away from this video: The spirit of freedom in mankind can’t be […]

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World’s Largest Fraud: China.

China is not a communist country. Communism in China died with Deng Xiaoping’s agricultural reforms in the late 1970s. The legacy of Mao Zedong is kept around merely as a nationalist tool. Nobody in China believes in Marxism or Maoism anymore. The government openly spurns Maoism, in fact. There is almost nothing communist about modern […]

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What Are Russian and Chinese News Sources Saying about Ukrainian Crisis?

The below articles were pulled from a mainstream Chinese news website and Russian news website. The headline on the Chinese news website translates as follows: “Putin: Unconstitutional coup is taking place in Ukraine. The U.S halted military cooperation and trade negotiations with Russia” As the article itself says: “Russian president Putin said on 4th March […]

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