Useless Lump: McCain SAVES Obamacare.

I despise Neoconservatives with a passion. They are the people in American politics who irritate me the most.

Hardcore liberals irritate me, but not as much. At least they are honest about what they want: “We want to take your money and piss it away on government projects.” I can appreciate honesty. Neoconservatives are not honest. They drape themselves in the mantle of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. But at heart, “Neoconservative” is just another way of saying “Nationalist Softcore Liberal”. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing who have zero qualms with increasing the size of the Administrative state at every possible opportunity.

One of the poster children of modern Neoconservatism is John McCain. He is a political failure of a man. He has achieved nothing for grassroots conservatives in the entire course of his political career. In fact, he has achieved the opposite. He has supported relentless expansion of the federal government at nearly every opportunity – usually in the name of pragmatism or some other lame excuse.

Two days ago, McUseless was instrumental to killing the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare in a 51 to 49 vote. He voted in favor of keeping Obamacare. To begin with, let’s not forget this recent political ad run by the McCain campaign in the last election cycle:


The “skinny repeal” would’ve worked. It would’ve led directly to the bankruptcy of Obamacare – a great thing. Surprise, surprise: McCain waffled. The promise shown above was as good as used toilet paper.

To those of us who value both personal and economic liberty, there can be no mistake: John McCain is our enemy He represents all that is detestable about the mainstream GOP. Spineless, without principle, and utterly useless.

Congressional Republicans have lost all steam. I sincerely doubt that Trump will be able to get through any more of his agenda. The rest of his 4-year term will be spent bickering with a fractured Republican congress who cannot agree on anything other than capitulation to Obama’s legacy. After the recession hits later this year or early next year, I predict Republicans will be swept out of the Senate. They might retain the House, thanks to severe gerrymandering. But I sincerely doubt The Donald will be able to retain the White House. He will have disappointed his base, while his opponents will continue to hate him as intensely as ever.

Ironically, the best hope for an Obamacare repeal may come from Democrats themselves. In order to pass something resembling a genuine Single-Payer bill, they would have to repeal Obamacare first. That’s the funny thing about this: Republicans voted 100% against Obamacare in 2010, but waffled when they had the chance to follow-through on it; meanwhile, I have no doubt that Democrats will be able to repeal Obamacare if they introduce a serious Single-Payer bill while they control Congress, despite the fact Obamacare itself was a purely Democratic effort.

There is cosmic humor in politics, if you know where to look for it.

Of course, I am not shocked by any of this. Conservatives say “drain the swamp” until they get into the swamp of Washington DC. Then, “drain” becomes “make more efficient”; a very different thing. Soon, efficiency drifts away in the cloud of “pragmatism”. The best example of this was Ronald Reagan, the supposed Godfather of mainstream conservatism. Despite all his fiscally conservative rhetoric, Reagan ran the largest peacetime deficits in history up to that point – yet nobody made a peep. Even now, it is lèse-majesté among mainstream conservatives to question the Great One’s fiscally liberal legacy.


Washington DC is hopeless. I mean it. The Federal government is beyond saving. It really, truly is a swamp, and that is never going to change despite all the hopes and pleas of small-government conservatives.

This may sound hopeless to you. Quite the contrary, I have great hope indeed. I have predicted many times that Washington DC is going to run out of funding. That is the only thing that will actually drain the swamp. This will be good for state’s rights – a stepping-stone for liberty.

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