The Slow Death of Obamacare.

Obamacare is like day-old egg salad in the garbage. The stink seems to increase exponentially. It looks more crusty and gross with each passing hour. 

The program is running out of money. Insurers are bailing. Those that remain are hiking rates. Voters are beginning to figure just how badly the program has screwed them, especially those without employer healthcare.

In April, a bombshell discovery was made: it turns out that the Obama Administration had ordered a plundering to the tune of $260 billion from government-owned mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in order to fund the Obamacare subsidy shortfalls. But a federal judge has ruled that this is illegal. Where is Obamacare supposed to find funding now?

Trump has refused to push for a full repeal of Obamacare. Paul Ryan has waffled entirely from his earlier “repeal” positions to now agitating for “Obamacare-lite”, proving himself to be just another in the long line of useless Republicans. But now none of it may matter at all. Obamacare really could go bankrupt of it’s own accord.

If Republicans have any backbone, they could block further spending. The House can do this. But as you can see, I am extraordinarily cynical about the Republican Party. I find that doubtful.

Furthermore, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now both close to bankruptcy. They are going to need a bailout to survive. Trump should let these programs die. He should needle Congressional Republicans to let the two mortgage corporations go the way of all flesh and disappear completely. But again, I sincerely doubt they will allow it. Republicans will ultimately fund some form of Obamacare. They will bailout Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

At this point, I’d be content with Republicans just not touching the legislation at all. Let Obamacare implode, as is inevitable. They have this going for them, at least: Republicans unanimously opposed Obamacare when it was passed. This means that the disaster belongs entirely to the Democratic Party.

The news media digs out poor people who wail about how Republicans are trying to snaggle away their free goodies. But poor people don’t vote. As a bloc, the vote of poor people is small. They just don’t show up to the polls.This is why we always read about election year scandals in which political operatives offer free goodies to poor people in exchange for the opportunity to bus them to polling stations to get their vote. Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t show.

The Middle Class, on the other hand, is probably the largest voting bloc of all on-the-whole. The Elderly vote is the most influential, but the Middle Class vote is largest in terms of numbers. The Middle Class is also who stands to suffer the most under Obamacare: not poor enough for the subsidies, not rich enough to easily afford the premiums. Much of the Middle Class is already outraged by Obamacare. It will get worse as rates are hiked year after year.

So when the anger is expressed at the ballot box, it will go against Democrats aligned with Obamacare. These voters will want one of two things: either a rolling-back of Obamacare – at least, the provisions that are draining their wallets – or they’ll want to move further leftward into single-payer territory. But either way, voters will want to can the program.

Meanwhile, Obama himself gets off scot-free. He ain’t President no more. This is Trump’s turkey now. Obama just got $3 million for a speech in Italy. He’s ready to start raking in the dough by giving “speeches” (in reality, selling connections to power-brokers backstage) for huge paychecks, as many Presidents are apt to do. Time to live large, baby! Michelle has expensive tastes.

The 2008 Obama campaign was very nearly a religious movement for his supporters. Obama really was viewed as the great harbinger of political salvation for the masses, which was a grave error. I thought the HOPE posters were monstrous representations then, and I think so now. The famous “Obama will pay for my gas” video from a teary-eyed supporter encapsulated this well. She feels a lot less fuzzy on Big Barry-O now.

Trump’s supporters have made the same error. They really believed he could ban Muslims from entering the country. They really believed he could build a border wall along one of the world’s largest continuous land borders, and that he could deport millions of illegal immigrants. Some really believed he could “drain the swamp” of corrupt DC revolving-door politicians and bureaucrats.

Like Obama’s failed promises, Trump is already faltering on all of these. There will be no wall, no mass deportation. No blanket ban on Muslims. No significant swamp-draining; his appointments have been filled with Council on Foreign Relations members and Goldman Sachs alum. Probably no tax cuts, either; he won’t get enough Congressional support.

I never believed he would deliver any of these promises. Not because I thought he was a liar, but because I knew these would all be shot down for various reasons, either legal, financial, or practical. Looking for salvation from politicians is always a mistake.

I have no faith in politics. I have great faith in many things other than politics, namely love, liberty, and the promises of God. My great hope: voters eventually lose faith in Washington DC after their myriad failures and refocus on governance at the state level. This will be better for liberty.

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