The End is Nigh: Obama, Globalism, and Running Out of Ideas.

Today, Barack Obama leaves office. He will be honored as a great man. But he is also likely to be quickly discarded by his former left-wing Progressive allies. Why? Because there is only one thing that leftists are interested in: power. Obama will shortly cease to have any political power. This is the only thing that leftists have ever respected, a paradigm that stretches all the way back to the French Revolution.

They will pay lip service to Obama as a great and wonderful man. Of course, he was neither. He was a self-important fool. But they cannot admit that. Leftists must justify to themselves the Obama fever they experienced in 2008. “I wore his t-shirt and treated him like the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, so he couldn’t have been that bad.”

I will say this: He was far better than George Bush. I’ll take Obama over Bush any day. Bush Jr. gave us two failed wars, the 2003 Prescription Drug bill (opened the door to the monstrosity of Obamacare), the TARP bailouts, approval of the FED policy that led to the housing bubble, and the subsequent encouragement of government “stimulus” when the bubble popped. In short, Bush got things done, which was not a good thing.

Obama, on the other hand, has always been a glorified sock puppet with Nancy Pelosi’s hand shoved far into his nether regions. She was Obama’s bulldog. It was Nancy Pelosi, not Obama, who had been sitting on the Obamacare bill for years. She bode her time until Obama took office. She shoved the bill through Congress in 2009, not Obama. This was her finest hour:

Then, the bill passed. Pelosi got hers. Meanwhile, what did Obama get? Answer: His name stuck to a bill that will continue causing skyrocketing healthcare costs across the board for as long as it remains in effect. His legacy will forever be three things: being the first black President, Obamacare, and “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it.”

When the Obamacare debacle was over and Pelosi retreated back into her cave, what was his next accomplishment? None. He had no other glorious achievements. He could not pass any comprehensive gun-control legislation. He could not pass any comprehensive environmental legislation. He had no significant illegal immigration amnesty bills.

In short, he was a bozo. Without Pelosi’s hand up his rear, he had no backbone to accomplish anything. I consider this a great quality for a president: “no backbone to accomplish anything.” If we cannot have a president, like Ron Paul, who is going to work actively to roll back the State, repeal regulations, and lower both spending and taxes, then I would like to have a president who is at least too inept to significantly expand the State, regulations, or spending/taxation. Obama fell into this category.

And now, his legacy has been rejected. Hillary was his appointed successor. She was undoubtedly the anointed of the globalist elites, both Democrat and Republican, foreign and domestic. But she was beaten by a strange orange life-form with permanently puckered lips. The Media and globalist elites are desperate to pin this on the magical “R” word used to describe everything they don’t like. But even famous uber-liberal Michael Moore understands that racism had nothing to with it, and that it had everything to do with the failures of the Obama presidency.


2016 was a bad year for internationalist elites across the world. The bellwether for this was Poland’s historic parliamentary election at the end of 2015: the 100% domination of the election by right-wing nationalist parties. Not a single pro-EU leftist was elected to the Polish parliament. This was a sign of tectonic movement in voter sentiments.

Then, in America, we had Trump edge out Jeb Bush. This was a real shocker. The election was supposed to be Bush vs. Clinton… again. This was the will of the globalist elites. But Trump had something that neither of them had: grassroots support. People believed in him. This was what eventually most set Trump apart from Hillary: most of his voters chose him because they believed. Most of Hillary’s voters chose her simply because they did not like Trump. It was a rerun of the 2008 election with the political parties reversed.

Then, in June, Brexit. This was the biggest punch in the face yet to the globalist elites. It was the first major public message to be sent by voters: “We are getting sick of the international political order.”

Then, Trump was elected. It was a major surprise. I did not think he would win. I had actually hoped he would not win, but that is another story. The point is, this was a major democratic coup and a resounding wake-up call to the elites. Too little, too late.

This was followed by more anti-globalist happenings. The Italian referendum was a further rejection of the EU by Italians. French nationalist Marine Le Pen surged in the polls at the end of the year – a candidate who has promised a Brexit-style referendum if elected. Then, Bashar Al-Assad began to turn back the ISIS onslaught in Syria with the help of the Russian Government; this was in direct contradiction to the will of the Internationalist elites, who wanted to replace Assad with a puppet government of their own. But he has not given up.

It’s obvious what is happening: the internationalist elites of the West are reaching their limit. They are losing the ability to control both what happens overseas and at home. They are surely losing the ability to tax and spend endlessly, which will become crystal clear in the next recession.

After the Brexit vote, I wrote an article discussing the economics of power. In it, I said this:

…Power is not unlimited. It takes time and effort to cultivate. Then, it has to be allocated. When and where should you exercise power? Against whom? For what reasons? Like everything else in this world, power is scarce. It’s use has to be measured wisely.

Power is spinning out of the globalists’ control. They tried to push people around for too long, and now they face a two-fold problem: voters are not cooperating, and domestic economies not cooperating. Add in a third problem: Islamic jihadists are not cooperating. The globalist elites are increasingly finding that they command “Jump!” but nobody asks “How high?” Just the opposite: people are planting their feet firmly into the ground with an angry and resentful stare. The globalist elites are running out of time.


A few days ago at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – “where the elite meet to eat” – Vice President Joe Biden gave a farewell speech of sheer and utter bloviation. Almost entirely hot air. Just Biden being Biden. But there were interesting nuggets to take away. He warns against “political small-mindedness”. He warns against Iran, China, and Russia as “trying to collapse the liberal international order.” He warns against the collapse of internationalism in Europe.

But what solutions does he offer? What specifics action steps does he outline which internationalist organizations and pro-globalist governments can take to fight back against nationalism and populism? None. He offers zero practical advice. This is because he has none. He doesn’t know what to do. None of the elites know what to do. They can see the columns of their temple collapsing as angry masses of voters throw their weight into them, and they have zero clue on how to respond to it.

You know what Biden is? One of those disheveled bums who walk around the city wearing a sandwich board that says “THE END IS NIGH!” They certainly have a message of great warning and alarm for us. But try asking them how to fix the problem and see how that works out for you.

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