God of War: Obama Moving 3,000 Troops to Poland.

Barack Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, set an impressive record with his Presidency: he was the first President of the United States to oversee a state of war for every single day of his 8-year presidency. No other President up to this point has had the honor.

In 2015, the Obama Administration dropped 23,144 bombs as parts of its war efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere in the Middle East. In 2016, Barry-O upped the ante: 26,171 bombs were dropped across the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan – the quagmire which Obama promised to “exit completely” by the end of his term – is far from over. Precisely the opposite: he authorized a troop surge in 2016. At year’s end, there were still over 8,000 soldiers in the country. Adding insult to injury, he signed agreements extending the war beyond 2017. The good times in ‘Ghannystan never have to end. Thanks, Obama.

The Mideast policy of Barack Obama was a complete disaster in every sense of the term. Pulling out of Iraq had the exact effect Ron Paul predicted it would have in 2003: the whole country utterly fell apart. Meanwhile, supporting violent uprisings in Libya and Syria once again produced the same results predicted by Ron Paul: the nations fell apart and turned into miserable hotbeds of chaos and destruction, resulting in the European Islamic immigration crisis and a major uptick in terrorism worldwide. Thanks, Obama.

Not content to just drop the ball on terrorism and the Middle East, Obama has now turned his sights eastward to a new Cold War with Vladimir Putin and Russia. Why? Because Putin is a convenient foe, and American leftists and Neoconservatives unhappy about Hillary Clinton’s loss need someone to pin the blame on. They need to find a different reason for her loss other than a rejection of the Bush-Obama legacy. So totally inventing allegations of Russian “meddling” in the election are just the ticket.

As Obama’s parting gift to us all, he has increased the volume on the beating war drums. From AntiWar.com, we read this:

Having arrived in Germany a few days ago, a mass of over 3,000 US ground troops backed by a large column of American tanks are advancing eastward toward the Russian border today, heading across Poland as part of a major NATO operation called Atlantic Resolve.

Unlike a lot of more specific war-games simulating explicit wars on certain fronts, Atlantic Resolve was initially launched just to spite Russia over the civil war in Eastern Ukraine, and seems to be designed more or less to simply antagonize Russia militarily.

And it’s doing it’s job, in that event, as Russian officials expressed serious concern over the matter, saying they believe the advance of a large number of US troops heading toward Russia is a threat to national security. They also added that they don’t appreciate having a large number of troops massed on their European border by a nation that isn’t even European.

Boneheaded move. Waste of money, waste of time, waste of effort. Why? Because it’s all for show and nothing more.

I have no doubts that the Russian Government is both angered and unimpressed by this at the same time. It is a move of total spite designed to give a middle finger to Russia by proving we can parade troops near their border. But if anyone really believes that 3,000 troops will do much against the large and well-equipped Russian military, they need to join us here in reality instead. If Russia wanted to invade Eastern Europe, they could march in and have the entire half of the continent under control within a week. Meanwhile, it would take the USA a week to prepare any sort of meaningful response; and the laughably pathetic armies of most Western European nations would be a non-factor. If the Russians did not get greedy and stopped at Poland, hunkering down for a defensive war, then the USA and other NATO countries would be almost powerless to do anything about it. Then what? Hardcore warfare? Nuclear weapons? All for a conflict that does not involve the United States? I have my doubts that most Americans would be as enthusiastic about the entire affair.

By that same token, anyone who thinks that Russia has any interest at all in invading Poland is living in fantasy land. I have discussed this topic many times. The bottom line is this: Russia needs Europe to buy coal and gas. If European nations stop buying coal and gas from Russia, then the Russian economy grinds to a complete halt. Vladimir Putin understands this. He may be many bad things, but stupid is not one of them. The days of the expansionist Soviet Union are long gone. Communism as a revolutionary religion is long dead. Putin traded in his Communist Party membership card for simple pragmatism long ago.


Obama is a child. He is upset that Vladimir Putin has repeatedly humiliated him. But every time, Obama has been asking for it. He could’ve left well enough alone in Ukraine and Syria, neither of which had anything to do with the USA or the interests of ordinary American citizens. He could’ve just acknowledged Hillary’s loss and blamed voters for rejecting her, rather than seek out a foreign bogeyman to pin it on.  Then when Obama ejected Russian diplomats from the country on baseless accusations of “meddling”- mere days before Christmas – Putin took the high road instead, allowing US diplomats to stay and even inviting them to the Kremlin’s Christmas celebration. Putin has Obama’s number at every turn.

This is perhaps the saddest thing about the Obama Presidency. The one good thing that I thought may come out of his Presidency was a return to a mostly peaceful and non-interventionist foreign policy. We were assured in 2008 that Obama was the great harbinger of peace and love; in comparison to John McCain, he really was. But Obama was still far from a “President of peace”, even in spite of his Nobel Peace Prize (which is, of course, an absolute joke).

Bush II started our downward spiral in the Middle East, but Obama did nothing to stop it. Quite the contrary: he and then-Secretary of State Clinton were all too eager to get to work destabilizing Libya and Syria with bombs, guns, and money. And now we have a budding Cold War with Russia for no reason other than the bruised egos of Obama, Hillaryites, and Neoconservatives. In regards to the pointlessly aggressive foreign policy of Bush II, Obama provided little to no change.

Whether Trump will be a great, mediocre, or terrible President remains to be seen. But if he wants to get at least one thing right, he can do this: quit the bombing, quit the funding of foreign “rebels”, and quit the needless beating of war drums. If Trump can reduce the levels of confrontation with Russia in spite of Obama’s best efforts to elevate them, he will have done us a service.

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