Obama: A White House Eulogy.

In 31 days, Barack Hussein Obama will walk out of the White House as it’s chief resident for the final time. On January 20th, Donald Trump will take the oath of office and officially supersede Obama as President. The 8-year experiment in Hope and Change will have ended.

In an interview with Oprah a few days ago, Michelle Obama lamented that as she and her husband were preparing to leave the office to the new President-elect, they were now “feeling what not having hope feels like.” She referred, of course, to the impending Trump presidency.

I gave out a snort at this statement, which is rare for me. Is this woman so clueless as to have zero idea of what just happened? Love or hate Trump – of which I do neither – anyone with an ounce of brain matter should be able to understand this: the election of Trump was a complete rejection of Obama. Clinton was his spiritual successor. A vote for Trump was a vote against Obama’s legacy. Clinton  – and Obama’s legacy – was weighed in the scales and found wanting.

The truth is obvious: people were hopeless long before the election. Deal with it, Shelly.


Let’s take an 8-year muster of Obama’s legacy.

Obamacare is a major disaster. Millions of people have lost their insurance or had their rates hiked. The opening of the online exchanges were mismanaged embarrassments. He will be most remembered for this, the gift that keeps on crapping all over us.

What other legislation did he get passed? Practically nothing. He peaked early; the 2010 passage of Obamacare was his only major “victory.” He could not get any comprehensive federal gun control passed. He could not shove through any major environmentalist bills; the much-trumpeted Paris Accords are basically glorified toilet paper. He tried to get the monstrous Trans-Pacific Partnership passed, which would’ve been a love letter to his corporate golf buddies. But that was shot down as well.

What of his legacy on foreign policy? Utterly feckless and incompetent. Afghanistan remains the quagmire it has always been. Obama oversaw an additional 8 years of a losing war. He pulled out of Iraq and the whole country immediately fell to pieces, giving way to ISIS. The country is more miserable now that it ever was under Saddam. Of course, Ron Paul had been warning since 2003 that this would be an inevitable result. Nobody listened.

And Syria? Assad and Putin have made Obama, John Kerry, and the Neoconservative gang look like complete jackasses. Despite the entire weight of the American establishment’s hysteria, Bashar Assad is still there and it looks like he is winning. I almost have a sneaking admiration for the guy based on this fact alone.

The capture of Bin Laden? Forget about it. Obama brought nothing new to that table. American forces had been searching for Bin Laden for years, and they found him. But that had nothing to do with Obama. Roseanne Barr could’ve been President for all it mattered.

And the coup de grace: no-fly zones over Libya. “We came, we saw, he died,” as then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jauntily quipped in the aftermath of Colonel Gaddafi’s death. Never mind the fact that a whole heck of a lot more Libyans have died as a result of this than just Gaddafi.Once again, Ron Paul warned us this would happen. Neither Obama, his cronies, nor the Neocon gang paid any attention.

What else? The economy? It’s been sputtering and stagnant since he took office. Median incomes and total hours worked are still down. Crony capitalism has been in full-swing: Wall Street has reached an all-time high while Main Street is still suffering. Massive bubbles are reforming in stocks and housing. The economy is primed for a massive recession.

Education? Two words: Common Core.

And the big centerpiece, the main feel-good reason for his liberal enthusiasm in 2008: racial reconciliation? Baltimore. Milwaukee. Charlotte. Ferguson. Baton Rouge. Dallas. And probably others that I am forgetting. Need I say more?

Then there are Obama’s numerous idiotic gaffes. He and George Dubya make good company, in that regard. They can hang together in retirement and share few yuks over their biggest flubs. A few classics:

“You know, If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Except that Trayvon Martin and Barack Obama share zero physical similarities beyond skin color. Whoops.

“If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of people who had their healthcare plans – which they liked just fine – cancelled as a result of Obamacare.

“It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” This was back in 2008, when Obama Mania was running high and liberal smugness was at a peak. It ended up becoming his representative quote in the minds of the opposition. He threw away any chance he had at the time of connecting with GOP voters.

And then there are the things that were not said – namely, his refusal to use the term “radical Islam”. Flatly denying reality to it’s face looks just as bad as any gaffe.

Bottom line: Obama was a dud. He achieved nothing. His legacy is completely negative, being rejected now even by his own former political allies.

I’ll say this: I count his incompetence as a ghostly positive. A more competent and experienced operator – say, Hillary Clinton – may have been able to accomplish what he could not. Let us be thankful this was not the case.


Obama has one month left. If he’s got anything good to say, anything good to do, then he’s got 30 days to do it.

Very few presidents manage to say or do anything memorable in a positive sense during the twilight of their term. Ike Eisenhower was an exception: he coined the term “military-industrial complex” in his final speech, which was possibly the most important term ever coined by a president. It sticks with us to this day.

Ike Eisenhower, Obama ain’t. I expect many long days on the golf course. In fact, that is where he went yesterday after hearing news of multiple Islamic terror attacks in Germany and Turkey, resulting in the deaths of 12 Germans and the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. Nothing shows leadership and a can-do attitude like a round of 18 holes.

This is where the eulogy of a president ends: the putting green.

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