Trump’s Next Crucial Campaign.

Republicans are holding a political double-edged sword. If they use it the wrong way, they risk chopping off their own limbs.

Trump is president. And Republicans have held onto the Senate, which they can probably thank Trump for. This gives them enormous leverage. But with great power comes great responsibility, as one super hero’s late uncle put it.

Trump has just finished his election campaign. But he cannot take a break. There is a second crucial campaign that he needs to begin immediately: preparing for the next big recession.

I officially predict a severe recession by the end of 2017. It will be worse than what happened in 2008, because the Federal Reserve has shot it’s wad. They cannot administer the same pain-killing economic drugs this time around. The painkillers did not make the problem go away in 2008, as painkillers are not cures; they simply pushed off the day of reckoning. I think the day of reckoning is fast approaching, and the Federal Reserve cannot do anything about it.

Historically, whichever party is in power when a recession hits ends up taking the blame. This means that Republicans are in a precarious position. If this recession goes like all other recessions, then we can expect Democrats to sweep Congress in the next round of elections. We can expect a far-left Democrat to take the Presidency in 2020, like Elizabeth Warren. That is a truly frightening thought.

Of course, Republicans are to blame. So are Democrats. The truth is that both parties are the same in terms of economic theory. Both are completely Keynesian in belief, which is a ridiculous fantasy-world economic system which is good only for Big Government and Big Business. Think “crony capitalism”. Both Republicans and Democrats are dedicated to running the Federal Reserve as a Keynesian operation. Keynesian economics are to blame for our piss-poor economic state. The blame is bipartisan.

So Trump faces an upcoming recession. He knows this, to some degree. In April, he predicted that the USA is due for a “very massive recession” and that the stock market is “a huge bubble”, both of which are true.

At the time, he offered no caveat. He did not say that could prevent the recession if voters elected him. This was a good move, because he probably cannot delay the recession. He did not make promises that he can’t keep.

What he needs to do now is prepare for this. If the recession hits more than a few months after he takes office, he will face a massive blitz from Democrats, Anti-Trump Republicans, the Media, and Academia to shove all of the blame onto his plate. He needs to beat them to the punch, and he needs to start now.

If I were Trump, here is what I would do:

1) Offer the job of Secretary of the Treasury to economist David Stockman. No other economist knows or understands as much about the history of the US economy, how it operates, and how it relates to government.

2) Direct Stockman to spearhead a public awareness campaign against Keynesian economics, renamed “establishment economics”. The campaign should revolve around criticism of one specific person: the economist Paul Krugman. Krugman is the face of modern Keynesian economics and established Federal Reserve policy. Stockman and his office need to focus on comprehensive repudiation of everything Krugman stands for: Big Government, Big Debt, and Big Spending.

3) Trump needs to make public statements similar to this: “Paul Krugman and Establishment Economics got us into this mess. This is how it happened, this is how it’s screwed us, and this is how we’ll avoid getting screwed by Krugman and Establishment Economics in the future.”

4) Trump needs to listen to Stockman and take his advice on economic matters, unlike Stockman’s spendthrift former boss – Ronald Reagan.

This all might be futile. Trump could do it all, and maybe the public would reject him anyway. But if he does nothing and just allows the recession to railroad his administration, then he is definitely screwed. This may at least give him a fighting chance.

If you hate Donald Trump and want to see him fail, then you’d better hope he does not do any of this. You’ll get your shot at revenge in 2020. If you support Trump, then you’d better hope your vote isn’t wasted and that he starts to take these steps.

The bottom line is this: Trump cannot do the Obama thing and spend his days on the golf course or attending celebrity fundraisers while the clock is ticking. If he is serious about wanting to do well and not just getting into the history books, then he needs to be ready.

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