Fall of the House of Clinton.

I predicted a Clinton victory. Clearly, I was wrong.

Polls, betting odds, and conventional wisdom were all in Hillary’s favor. That is not why I thought she would win, but it made for great confirmation bias.

It just goes to show how meaningless the polls, odds, and conventional wisdom really are. They make for great prediction fodder, but are ultimately meaningless. All that matters is the final ballot count.

Why did Clinton lose? That depends on who you ask.

A hardcore Trump supporter will say, “She’s a crook and everyone knew it.”

A hardcore Clinton supporter will say, “Too many racists and sexists voted.”

My explanation? There were many reasons, and they varied from person to person. But writer Mark Steyn points out one conspicuous reason in his election analysis:

11.40pm Eastern: Trump has just breached Hillary’s “blue wall” and won Wisconsin. Democrats are reported to be “subdued” over at the Clinton “party” in New York, but the court eunuchs at US Weekly are still drooling:

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Star-Studded Election Night Bash: Watch the Livestream, Get Exclusive Party Details

Katy Perry was there! And Amy Schumer! And Lady Gaga!

And all their presence – and Jay-Z’s and Bruce Springsteen’s and all the others with Hillary last night in Philly – all their glittering stellar presence does is emphasize Hillary’s remoteness from where and how non-stellar Americans live.

As I’ve said all along, the Dems would have done better with Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. You need a candidate who connects with people, not with Katy Perry.

I don’t know about you, but sycophantic celebrities wining and dining with DC politicians engenders nothing but irritation from me. I do not think I am the only one.

Eight years of Obama – the first “celebrity president” – clinking glasses with Hollywood glitterati while the rest of America toiled with inflation, falling income, and a poor job market, has taken it’s toll. Voters could only take so much condescension and finger-waggling from privileged Hollywood elites. The reactions of Hollywood liberals to the election of Trump illustrates this. I think many voters checked the box for Trump simply to get even and drive these people batty.


Hillary Clinton was one of the most hated presidential candidates in history. Everyone knew that long before this whole business began. Why on earth did the Democrat Establishment push her forward? Was the Establishment really so desperate as to scrape the bottom of the bottom of the barrel for this annoying Jezebel despised by at least half the nation?

Many people hate Trump. Knowing this, the Democrat Establishment decided to counter him with one of the only big-name politicians who is equally hated. What might’ve been an easy win with someone like Jim Webb became a titanic struggle between despised and distrusted mudslingers. The ball was in their hands, and the Democrat Establishment decided to shoot from half-court instead of a layup.

Two days ago, I discussed the importance of representation in politics. What was Hillary supposed to represent to people? To many, Hillary represents total and utter privilege – privilege to flout the law, privilege to act condescending toward everyone, privilege to make gobs of money brokering power, and privilege to wreck lives without facing the consequences. Now she is facing the consequences, finally. She has been weighed by the scales and found wanting. But for over 20 years, it seemed like the Clinton family was immune to everything.

We now stand in a new age – the Post-Clinton era. Bill and Hillary have been at the forefront of national politics since 1992. This was their chance to turn it into a 30-year dynasty. But it was their last shot, and they lost. Trump will not include them in his administration. The Democratic Party is probably ready to get rid of them. They are too old to do anything further of consequence. So for the first time in nearly 25 years, we have a completely Clinton-free government. Bye bye, Billy. So long, Hillary.

What’s next for Hillary? Well, she is a grandmother. If, quite frankly, God has mercy on her soul, then she will retire from public life and find joy in spending time with her family – and maybe even enjoy spending time with Bill, as unbelievable as that sounds. She can stay home and make cookies and tea for the grandchildren, as a formerly-powerful woman once swore she was above doing.

But she was this close to victory and getting into the history books. People as ambitious as she do not usually handle total defeat very well. Julian Assange described her as someone “eaten alive by her ambition”, which I agree with. If God does not take mercy on her soul, she will spend her remaining years as a decrepit and miserable wretch, locked up in the same house with the husband she hates and from whose shadow she will never escape. It’ll be a steel-cage deathmatch.


The Establishment totally blew it. First, they tried to force us into yet another Bush/Clinton election – CFA Team A vs. CFR Team B. This has been the case ever since the Woodrow Wilson era, with one exception: Goldwater vs. Johnson.

But Trump zinged in from out of the brow of Zeus and kicked Jeb Bush off a cliff, which was unexpected.  Even worse, he broke all the established rules. He didn’t apologize for being politically incorrect, and he ignored hysterical liberal reactions to his bluster.

In theory, defeating Trump should have been a cakewalk. The problem is this: the Establishment underestimated how badly the public wanted to get revenge. These disgruntled voters found each other and banded together and they collectively smacked the Establishment in the face when they got the chance. The same thing happened during the Brexit vote. The Establishment gets too cocky, and they suffer for it.

Discussing whether the Trump victory is a great thing or a terrible thing is beyond the scope of this article. I think a Clinton loss was a great thing, but that is completely separate from Trump.

The major bright spot I can see right now is if Trump were to keep his promises regarding foreign policy: no more endless war in Arab hellholes, no more unnecessary sabre-rattling with Russia, and no more meddling in foreign conflicts. But I will not believe it until I see it in action. And if any Trilateral Commission or Council on Foreign Relations members make it into his cabinet or advising team, I will quickly lose any hope for positive change out of his tenure.

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