Hillary: Schlonged By A Weiner.

2016 is shaping up to be one of the best presidential elections of our lifetimes. If we’re lucky, we’ll have more like this one. I love it. Why? Because both candidates aren’t afraid to viciously attack the other and their supporters. They are telling us what they really think about each other; that is, the truth. No more glad-handing. For once, we’re hearing the truth.

It started small. Trump called Hillary “low-energy”. Hillary implied that Trump didn’t have the balls for the job. She called him “deplorable.” He calls her a “nasty woman.” Someone leaks his vulgar comments about women and cheating on his wife, and he brings in the most famous Bill Clinton rape accusers for a press conference. The struggle grows ever more epic and visceral.

No more punches are being pulled. This is politics at it’s worst, and it’s best. I love it.

Hillary is a hair away from the Presidency. Decades of ladder-climbing and backroom deals have brought her to the precipice of glory. But it has been a pyrrhic victory up to this point. She has utterly torched her legitimacy. Hillary’s supporters are fanatical about her, but she is hated by everyone else and is regarded with deep suspicion. She has zero public trust.

Trump is also hated and treated with suspicion. He has no legitimacy outside of his supporters. But he has nothing to lose here. His campaign began simply on his own whim. “I feel like running for President. Let’s do it.” Hillary, I suspect, has longed to be President – the earthly representation of ultimate power –  throughout her entire life, surely at least since her days as First Lady. Her rise to where she is today took decades of careful web-spinning and conniving. Compared to Trump, she has her entire life’s work to lose.

Her scandals are piling up. First, there is her unimpressive legacy as Secretary of State. The only thing anyone remembers about her tenure is Benghazi. Then there was the Classified Info scandal involving her e-mail server, for which she was cleared by the FBI (but only after the Director of the FBI publicly admitted that she had indeed committed a crime.)

Now, Wikileaks has sunk it’s teeth into Hillary. Numerous misdeeds within her campaign are coming to light, courtesy of hacked e-mails. Coordination with journalists, pay-to-play scheming within the Clinton Foundation, and damaging transcripts of speeches to Wall Street banks are being dragged out of the closet.

To cap it all off, the FBI has reversed course and decided to reopen the investigation against Hillary Clinton and her e-mail scandal. Why? Because more e-mails relevant to her case were found while investigating Anthony Weiner, the perverted husband of Hillary’s closest aide, for illicit sexual messaging with minors.

There is a poetic justice to this, that the most crooked Presidential candidate in recent memory might be derailed due to the sexual escapades of a perverted man married to one of her equally crooked aides. What’s done in the dark is soon brought to the light.

Hillary is being schlonged by a Weiner. This whole thing should be a headline writer’s dream come true.

She may or may not be charged with a crime as a result of the reopened investigation. If she makes it out legally unscathed, her legacy is still going to be irrevocably tarnished.


Legitimacy is a key component of government. Without legitimacy, people cease to cooperate. Violent revolution is a dramatic example of this. The last violent revolution in the West was the Spanish Civil War. Nowadays, resistance builds at the margin. People stop governing themselves in accordance with the actual government. A good everyday example of this is a schoolteacher who has no control over their classroom; most kids will probably not do anything severe enough to get into big trouble, but they’ll goof off during class. When resistance builds at the margin, the effectiveness of the government decreases. A government facing this kind of resistance must expend more resources to enforce it’s will.

Trump is a representation of this resistance. Jeb Bush was supposed to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016. This was obvious as early as 2012. But too many rank-and-file Republicans and Independents decided they were sick of the bipartisan dictatorship headed by establishment Republicans and Democrats. They were fed up with the Good Old Boy network of ivy-league elites. Whether or not you actually believe Trump would change anything is one matter, but there is no question that he is perceived as an affront and middle-finger to the Good Old Boys.

Hillary has faced a similar problem with Sanders’ supporters. Enough alienated Democrats crawled out of the shadows to give her campaign a real annoyance for a few months there.

The hardcore of both sides is punching through the wall separating the governors from the governed. If Trump loses, I do not think his supporters will simply shrug shoulders and forget about it. They will not be content to have another milquetoast Romney or Bush character carry the banner. Same to a lesser extent with Democrats; the hardcore Sanders faithful will not be satisfied with the typical moderate Democrat centrist. The alienated have seen what they can accomplish when they make enough noise and resist the elites, and they want more.

So if Hillary is elected President, which I still think she will, then she will take office as possibly the most illegitimate and hated president in history. There will be no 100-day honeymoon of cooperation from Congress. She is going to be hit with immediate resistance from Congressional Republicans. The House of Representatives will shoot her down at every opportunity.

There will be gridlock in Washington from day one: Hillary vs. Congress. If Republicans keep control of the House, this will not change. This is a good thing. Gridlock protects us from politicians who want to screw us. When people plead for Washington to “do something”, I scratch my head. Why, for Christ’s sake? Gridlock is the second-best thing we can hope for out of Washington D.C. Enjoy it.

Most Presidents become lame ducks in the second half of their second term. Hillary will be a lame duck from the day she takes the oath of office. I sincerely doubt she’ll even have a second term.

Meanwhile, Trump will still be out there. In my opinion, Trump will do this if he is savvy and wants to keep his base motivated: Immediately declare his candidacy for 2020. He’ll call on his supporters to keep the movement going and be ready to pick up the pieces of Hillary’s failed presidency in 2020. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t think the 4-year long haul could be possible. With Trump and the level of enthusiasm held by his supporters, I think it could be possible. We will see.


Ultimately, I don’t think it matters much who wins. I doubt Trump will take any serious measures to roll back bureaucracy and government from our lives. Hillary, of course, won’t even try. Trump has claimed that he will bring an end to overseas military adventures, which would be a good thing. But I wouldn’t believe it ’til I saw it. And if Hillary has a GOP-dominated Congress, she’ll be a total lame duck.

But I am interested in the societal currents driving the opposition to the bipartisan establishment. I want this opposition to grow. I want people to get angry. The blind trust we’re used to seeing in the bipartisan establishment should evaporate. People should question the system.

Can Trump’s supporters keep their dedication going for another four long, dreary years? We’re going to find out.

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