The Future of Obamacare.

Obamacare is a complete disaster. Whoever is next elected President will have to sit down on this exploding whoopee cushion within the first year of their presidency. 

I predict this will be Hillary Clinton. Her prestige, what little she has, is going to get pounded by Barry O’s failing legacy. Premiums for the next year are skyrocketing an average of 22%. This was one part of the law that we weren’t allowed to read until it was passed, I guess.

The funniest part of this is that the program is called “Obamacare”, but it was Nancy Pelosi who put the whole thing together. She patted little Obama on the head and assured him that he’d be remembered forever thanks to Obamacare. She was right. He’ll be remembered as a complete failure. Meanwhile, Pelosi gets away with it scot-free. Whoops! Better luck next time, Barry.

How will this affect you? There is no nice way to put it: the vast majority of us will suffer. The middle class will pay more for less. Obamacare will be an enormous pain in the wallet that sucks up money from other things we’d rather spend it on… or save, for that matter.

Those who qualify for federal subsidies  – mainly, the lower class – will not have it quite as bad. This will reward people for being poor. When the government is rewarding people for being poor, there will be more trouble ahead. Perverse incentives are always a bad idea. Think “Native American reservation”, or “Urban Ghetto”.

The wealthy will do mostly fine. They will pay for concierge care and/or fly internationally to see foreign doctors. I would do the same thing, if I had the money. Funny how when liberals claim they make the rich “pay their fair share”, empirical reality always seems to find a loophole. It’s as if liberals are not as smart as they pretend to be… or something.


There is already general consensus that Obamacare sucks. Even many Democrats have admitted this. They are calling for the system to be reformed. “A few tweaks, I say, and you’ll get that low-cost healthcare we promised you! Even though we dropped the ball to begin with. You can trust us this time. Honest.”

I do not want Obamacare replaced or “fixed”. I want it repealed. I want a law that says this: “The Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed in it’s entirety.”

If Republicans can retain the House, which I think they will, then they can stonewall any reform attempts. Even better, they could push for outright repeal. They will not get a repeal unless they have a massive majority in Congress, but they can at least force the Democrats to keep taking the blame for the monster they created. In this way, Republicans have an advantage: in 2010, Congressional Republicans voted 100% unanimously against Obamacare. This almost never happens. It was a good thing, because the Democrats cannot credibly pin the blame on anyone else.

Of course, this assumes that Congressional Republicans are not useless. Unfortunately, they are useless most of the time. In 2012, former speaker John Boehner gave a strongly worded speech in which he promised to repeal Obamacare. Of course, he did nothing. After becoming Speaker, he threw this thought down the memory hole.

2012 was a great opportunity to campaign for a full repeal. The public was already upset with Obamacare. The Republican candidate of 2012 could’ve made a full repeal into the lynchpin of their campaign. Unfortunately, we got Mitt Romney: the creator of Romneycare in Massachusetts. There was no conceivable way he could campaign for a full repeal of Obamacare when he himself had a similar system already in place in his home state.

Ultimately, we are unlikely to get either reform or repeal anytime soon. The program won’t be reformed; Democrats want something more like a government-run single-payer system. They’ll never get it, by the grace of God. The House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans, will kill it. At least, I hope so.

But we won’t get repeal. Nobody in government, Democrat or Republican, is ever serious about repealing any major welfare programs. Democrats will oppose it. Too many centrist Republicans will want “reform” and will not get on board with a full repeal.


The Obamacare horror stories are about to begin. People are going to have their premiums and deductibles increased… and then they’ll need to go to the hospital for something. They’ll discover that the deductibles are paid yearly; those with medical problems spanning multiple years are going to pay sky-high deductibles every year from now on.

Some politicians will campaign with this slogan: “America deserves better!” I say, nonsense. America gets exactly what it deserves. Voters believed political promises that the government could persecute the rich with higher taxes and exclusive costs to support welfare programs like Obamacare. The assumption is that only the wealthy bastards will pay, while the rest of us will soak up their largesse.

What we are never told in advance is that the rich will find ways to escape this. It is impossible in anything less than a totalitarian society to force the rich to sit and get plucked. So, the definition of “rich” is slowly and steadily ratcheted downward. Costs are imposed. More and more of the middle-class suddenly finds themselves classified as “rich”. Politicians will not say this, but you will know it when the tax bill rolls around.

Voters wanted the government to force “the rich” to pay for everything. The government will do just that; by their own definitions, of course. The money has to come from somewhere. With a wave of the hand: “Welcome to the upper-class, former middle-class plebeian. Now pay up.”


Trump could campaign on a full repeal of Obamacare. But he isn’t. He has already said that he wants to replace, not repeal, Obamacare with “something terrific.” Whatever. He cannot offer details on this, because he has none. He has no plan.

Obamacare is a political albatross around the necks of Democrats. They are going to carry this thing until the next round of elections in 2020. In a perfect world, Republicans will campaign in force on a platform of a full repeal. I hope they do. But Congressional Republicans are usually useless, so I won’t hold my breath.

Here is my strategy to deal with increasing healthcare costs: make more money and save more money. Truism? You bet. This strategy always works.

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