Dictator for a Day: My Response to Charlotte.

Charlotte is burning. After the police shooting of an armed black man, of which details are still unclear, the city has erupted into a full-blown race riot. Looting has gone wild; apartments, stores, and even the NASCAR hall of fame have been targets. Multiple injuries among police and civilians have been reported. In some instances, white people have been targeted for group beatings, as this gut-wrenching video shows (WARNING: not for the faint of heart).

2016 is going to be remembered for three things: Trump, terrorism, and race riots. And maybe Gene Wilder.

The main message to take away from the rash of ghetto riots is this: American liberals have failed. For over 50 years, white liberals have treated poor black communities as their own personal social engineering playgrounds for feel-good government “solutions”. These solutions have done as much for poor blacks as they’ve done for Native Americans on reservations; that is to say, nothing. Supporting measures like welfare and the minimum wage allows white liberals to feel really good about themselves, but they accomplish nothing and in fact encourage negative behavior and trends.

No matter; the most important thing, of course, is that white liberals are able to pat themselves on the back for being such good people. To boot, most American conservatives are spineless fools who refuse to take a principled stand against anything. So they have done little to resolve the situation.

BEHOLD! I hereby declare myself, Austin Aloysius Thomé, as the new dictator here. As your new Dear Leader, I am concerned about this. Race riots are bad news. Liberals have utterly failed, which is partially why these riots occur to begin with. Mainstream conservatives are too easily cowed to take a stand on anything. So the following measures represent what I intend to do on the first day of my dictatorship in order to address the situation:

1) Reduce welfare benefits to zero. Zip. Zilch. Nobody receives a dime they didn’t earn or wasn’t gifted to them. You don’t work? You don’t eat. Take your pick.

2) Reduce the minimum wage to zero. The minimum wage indirectly disemploys poor blacks, among other segments of society. As another “feel-good” measure, suggesting this drives liberals apoplectic. Never mind the fact that the minimum wage has helped black youth unemployment skyrocket to over 50%. Never mind the fact that black radical and NAACP founder W.E.B. DuBois understood as early as 1918 why white labor unions wanted a minimum wage: to purposefully keep black laborers out of work.

3) End the War on Drugs. Drugs are all over the place. Every neighborhood has it’s dealer. Kids can buy them at school. The Feds can’t even keep drugs out of prisons, for Pete’s sake. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and money. Too many folks, many of them black, have been thrown in prison for drug-related offenses that simply are not worth charging. It needlessly wrecks families and lives.

4) Overhaul prosecution of non-violent and “victimless” crimes. Related to the prior point. If a guy wants to sit on his porch and smoke a blunt, just let him. Instead of making jail time the magic bullet for all types of crime, refocus non-violent crimes on restitution  instead of retribution. Meaning, give non-violent criminals the opportunity to simply pay back a determined amount to the victims instead of throwing them in jail to stew with other delinquents for years at a time. The restitution IS the retribution.

And if a crime has no “victim”, then the question needs to be asked: should this be a crime?

5) No compulsory public schooling. We all know it: public schools in the ghetto are little more than light-security juvenile detention centers. Very little actual learning goes on, as test scores show. I would impose this across the board, but from the perspective of a poor black kid in the ghetto, it would give them the opportunity to start working younger and build working skills instead of wasting time stewing among delinquents at inner-city schools.

I know what the liberal response would be: “You racist MONSTER! You’re saying you don’t want our black children to be educated?” I’m saying that many black children in ghettos are already not being educated as it stands, although nobody seems to care. So let’s have the decency to give teenagers the option to skip high school and go straight into the workforce where they can make real money and build real skills.

And for the kids who want to continue school, charter schools have shown enormous success in ghettos where regular public schools have not. I would remove any bureaucratic or political obstacles raised by leftist politicians and the Teacher’s Unions against charter schooling. Success should be nurtured instead of resented.

6) Enforce equal protection before the law. When Baltimore was in the middle of race riots late last year, I wrote this:

“…When things get real in the ghetto, such as what is currently occurring in Baltimore, the police just wait for the rioters to burn the place down. If the rioters try to move into the nicer parts of town, then the police will respond heavily. But as long as the mayhem is confined to the ghetto, the police are not greatly concerned with preventing property damage. The city government isn’t concerned, either. The liberal Mayor of Baltimore even said she wanted to give the rioters “space to destroy” if that would make them happy. I doubt the victims of the rioting were OK with that decision, but like I said: they don’t care about what goes on in the ghetto – neither the cops nor the city government – so long as it doesn’t get outside the ghetto.

If the police and city government believed in equality before the law, these riots would probably not happen. At the very least, they’d be flashes in the pan and end quickly. The police would come in and shoot real bullets from real guns at looters and arsonists. They would respond to a riot in the poor black ghetto as they would to a riot in the richest, whitest suburb, and there would be bloodshed. The message would be clear: ghetto or not, the rule of law applies here as much as it does anywhere else in town. Ghetto or not, the safety of innocent people is as much a priority here as anywhere else in town.”

Under my dictatorship, there will be no “space to destroy”. Thugs try to destroy things that don’t belong to them, like the homes and stores of innocent people? They themselves may well be destroyed, so watch out. The protection of innocent people and their property in the ghetto is no less important than it is anywhere else.

This is my to-do list. We commence immediately.

Will this fix the problem overnight? Will racial tension disappear forever? No to both. The world is imperfect. But I don’t promise either of these things. The bottom line is this: white liberals have treated poor blacks like their feel-good moral jewelry for far too long. Liberal “solutions” have aided in the utter breakdown of society and family structure in black ghettos, and conservatives have only served to play along with it all. Never mind that fact, though, because at least supporting these “solutions” allows white liberals to feel like wonderful people. That is surely the most important thing.

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