MOSLEM RAMPAGE: +70 Dead in Truck Attack; French “Civil War”?

From The Sun, we read:

At least 73 have been killed and 100 injured after a suspected terrorist ploughed a lorry into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in France.

The incident happened in the southern city of Nice on the French Riviera, spreading fears of a terror attack. Crowds had gathered on the Promenade des Anglais for a firework display, when the lorry apparently crashed into them.

Videos posted online showed panicked people running from the scene in fear, while witnesses reported terrified onlookers throwing themselves into the sea to escape the crush of bodies. Others described an exchange of gunfire between the driver and the police, with pictures emerging of what appeared to be the bullet-riddled windscreen of the lorry.

Al Qaeda has been suggesting this idea to would-be jihadists for years. Finally, it was given the test. It’s effectiveness has been proven.

So far, we know nothing about the driver of the truck. It may turn out that he is not even Moslem and instead just some nut, in which case I’ll eat my words. But I think we can make a guess with great predictive value.

Something like this is almost entirely unpreventable. What if it turns out that the attacker was a licensed truck driver who simply decided he was sick of infidels and ready to die for the cause? That means he had every right, by law, to own a truck and drive it. So what are they supposed to do about this? Keep 24/7 surveillance over all truck drivers? They’d better do taxi drivers, too. You can still rack up a body count with a taxi. In fact, they’d need to keep watch over anyone who can drive. Hello, car control.

This is the ultimate in low-tech, low-cost terror. The first cost to eliminate is the escape; when a jihadist is willing to die for the cause, they have eliminated the biggest cost of the attack. Secondly, they can use simple tactics like this truck driver. Just find a crowd and press on the gas. When you have someone who is willing to make a suicidal attack, and they figure out how to do it with low-tech, low-cost options, then you have something truly unpreventable on your hands.

Politicians are desperate to hide this fact. They pour billions of dollars into large security agencies. But the strategy is not working:

…as the interior minister himself noted, security agencies are overwhelmed by the challenge before them. This problem is reinforced by the fact that radical organizations are easier to implant in France because of its large Muslim communities with disaffected youth. Up to 11,000 people are said to have been flagged on a top-secret list of people associated with radical groups, including Muslim extremists. Previous attacks, like the one on Charlie Hebdo, were perpetrated by radicals already on the list, who slipped through surveillance, leading to current controversies over preventive measures to constrain them.

Metadata and a fresh crop of security agents, while useful, do not make up for cultural expertise, intricate knowledge of jihadi networks, or the human intelligence necessary to infiltrate radical groups — things France has historically been good at acquiring but is still sorely lacking in Europe’s new age of terrorism. Last week’s attacks come after months of warnings of potential attacks against France and narrowly foiled attempts. On Aug. 21, a shooting on an Amsterdam-Paris train was barely averted by two American soldiers and a number of civilians on board. Another attack in April against a church in Villejuif was luckily prevented by the terrorist’s own clumsiness. Aside from France’s own intelligence weaknesses, these recent attacks have shown the shortcomings of intelligence cooperation at the European level. (Belgium’s security services seem especially overwhelmed by the challenge they face.)

Intelligence agencies are bigger than ever. They suck up more money than ever. But when terrorists are homegrown and low-cost, low-tech, nearly all of it is moot. Let me put it this way: If the big security agencies are all using the latest in spy technology on e-mail, cell phones, internet use, and all other electronic communications… what happens if the terrorists just start passing notes instead?


A few days ago, the chief of France’s equivalent to the FBI said this:

‘I think we will win against terrorism,’ Mr Calvar said, but predicted the ‘confrontation between the extreme Right and the Muslim world’, adding: ‘We’re on the verge of a civil war. I think this confrontation is going to happen. One or two more attacks and it will take place. It is up to us to anticipate and stop all those groups who would trigger clashes.’

He can talk about war all he wants, but it is clear he is still not serious about this, as are no other major French politicians other than Marie Le Pen. He equates the “extreme right” to Moslem terrorists in France. He chalks up the problems to tensions between rightist factions and Moslems.

But there have been no Islamic terror attacks against “extreme right” targets. In fact, the scale tips toward the opposite. Charlie Hebdo? Leftist magazine run by secular leftists. Gay bar in Orlando? Probably filled with people holding mostly leftist views. Otherwise, attacks focus on public transportation, restaurants, storefronts, and military/government targets.

None of this has anything to do with tensions between “the extreme right” and Moslems. It is tension between Western Civilization and Islamic Civilization. But this is politically incorrect to discuss.

You cannot defeat what you cannot name. If politicians and bureaucrats in France still cannot bring themselves to name the enemy, then they can never win.


There is simply no easy solution to this. France has made their bed, and now they’re sleeping in it. For decades, they dangled welfare benefits in the faces of Arab migrants from North Africa. Unsurprisingly, the migrants came after it. The whole thing made French leftists just feel so good about themselves.

France now has enormous ghettos full of angry Moslems. All it takes is for a small percentage to be ready to die for the cause to raise serious hell. This is exactly what is happening.

What will happen? How should Frenchmen respond? I have no idea. I can only call it as I see it, for now. All I can say is this: If I were a Frenchmen, I’d consider carrying a gun illegally. I’d take the risk.

The people who voted for the Brexit are going to feel completely vindicated by this. Expect the Brexit process to speed up.

This will be a boost to Donald Trump, domestically. Hillary Clinton has the unfortunate honor of being the “pro-refugee” candidate. Every inevitable Islamic terror attack will weaken her campaign. I still think she will win, though.

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