The Fraud: Sanders Endorses “Goldman” Clinton.

On Fox News, we read:

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday delivered his long-awaited endorsement of fellow Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton for president, saying she has won the nomination and he’ll “do everything possible to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.”

“Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination,” Sanders said on stage with Clinton in New Hampshire. “And I congratulate her for that.”

Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist and opponent of Wall Street and Big Banks, has sided with the most cronyist, crooked Big Bank supporter in the modern Democratic Party.

Her appointed Chief Economic Counsel, Gene Sperling, is a former Goldman Sachs advisor.

Her husband’s appointed Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, was a former Goldman Sachs executive. The head of the Clinton Global Initiative, Robert Harrison, is yet another Goldman Sachs alum.

She and Bill have received over $125 million in “speaking fees” from Wall Street banks and corporations since Bill left office in 2001. “Speaking fees” are, of course, another term for “peddling influence and pulling strings.” Nobody pays to hear a Clinton speak.

Here’s what one Goldman Sachs employee had to say about a Hillary speech in 2013:

“It was pretty glowing about us… It’s so far from what she sounds like as a candidate now. It was like a rah-rah speech. She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.”

Not yet convinced? Read more about Hill and Bill’s escapades at There ain’t no lack of reading material. The behavior is pathological.

Bernie Sanders, love him or hate him, at least seemed honest. When he lambasted Wall Street banks and major corporations, it seemed like he meant it. When spoke out against globalism, it seemed like he meant it. It really seemed like he believed in fighting for the common man.

Now, Sanders has hitched his cart to a presidential candidate well-known for her connections to  major banks and corporations. Anyone who doubts that her presidency will be an exercise in string-pulling for major banks and corporations is utterly naive.

Politicians rarely take a principled stand when it matters. I can think of only two instances where major government figures resigned in protest: David Stockman and William Jennings Bryan. Otherwise, everyone goes along to get along. They wait to complain about things until later, when they have no power left. They don’t say or do anything when it could count.

Sanders is going along to get along. Will his influence change Hillary Clinton? No. Will his endorsement sever her deep connections to major banks and corporations? No. Will his presence transform her from a lying crook into honest john? Not a chance.

If Sanders wanted to make a difference, he could’ve said something like this: “I do not want Donald Trump to be President, but I cannot endorse Hillary Clinton. She has been shown time and time again to be in bed with Wall Street banks and corporations, and she has no public trust. I encourage my supporters to look to the future and build a movement that stands honestly for our values, and not crony capitalism.”

Instead, he threw his support behind the Goldman Sachs candidate. Such is life.

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