BREXIT: Disintegrating EU & the Triumph of Optimism.

Yesterday, British voters decided to officially exit the European Union. I was surprised; I expected the Remain vote to win. This really is like Christmas coming early. Whoopee.

In fact, almost everyone was surprised. The Markets thought they’d Remain. So did the opinion polls and betting websites. All of the “smart money” was on Remain. And yet, none of it was smart in the end. Britain is Leaving after all.

This serves to remind us of something very important: the law of large numbers is not always right. While very reliable, there is always the chance of an upset. Reality is funny that way.

It may still take up to two years for Britain to completely separate from the EU. But EU leadership has said that they want Britain to separate as soon as possible, “despite however painful it may be” as President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz put it. So the split may occur even earlier than that.

I consider this one of the greatest political triumphs of our lifetime. Despite all the name-calling, scaremongering, threatening, and corruption at all levels to try and rig the vote for Remaining in the EU, the belief in national sovereignty won out. Even now, the Remain supporters in the government  and the media decry the Leave voters as racist, fascist, corporate-controlled hatemongers.

But the Big Banks and Big Business wanted Britain to Remain. All of the major party leaders in Britain wanted to Remain, with the sole exception of Nigel Farage. The Leave vote was the result of major pushback from the common man against the elites, the super-wealthy, and the well-connected.The best example of this was the fact that leftist Labor Party voters switched to vote “Leave” in droves, while party leadership demanded they vote Remain. Now Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn faces a recall effort from within his own party. I love it.

As far as racist and fascist goes – the Left says this about everybody they dislike. It has no meaning. The boy hasn’t just cried “wolf” too many times; the boy does not even know how to say anything else.

Nigel Farage is the major champion in all of this. He toiled in obscurity for 15 years, then another 10 years not in obscurity but as the object of the political establishment’s total hatred, both Left and Right wing. He and his family have been called every bad name under the sun, and have been threatened by political thugs repeatedly and constantly. But he stood firm. Now he stands atop the smoldering wreckage of Britain’s EU membership with his head held high. Good for him.


Long history, short: The European Union was originally sold as a gigantic free-trade zone for the continent. And it still is. This is the sole positive aspect of the European Union.

What was not clear from the beginning was how far the project would go. From the very start, the project was meant to gradually create a United States of Europe ruled by one government. This was the dream of Jean Monnet, the Founding Father of the European Union: a single all-powerful government to rule over the nations of Europe.

The project began with the establishment of the harmless-sounding European Steel & Coal Community in 1951. While at the time considered nothing more than an international commercial pact, the preamble to the treaty hints at the longer-term goal:

CONSIDERING that world peace can be safeguarded only by creative efforts commensurate with the dangers that threaten it,

CONVINCED that the contribution which an organized and vital Europe can make to civilization is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations,

RECOGNIZING that Europe can be built only through practical achievements which will first of all create real solidarity, and through the establishment of common bases for economic development,

ANXIOUS to help, by expanding their basic production, to raise the standard of living and further the works of peace,

RESOLVED to substitute for age old rivalries the merging of their essential interests; to create, by establishing an economic community, the basis for a broader and deeper community among peoples long divided by bloody conflicts; and to lay the foundations for institutions which will give direction to a destiny henceforward shared,


Jean Monnet was selected as the first President of the treaty organization, giving him unprecedented power to influence the domestic politics of the ECSC member nations.

This set what would become the major precedent for the European Union: the dictatorship of the unelected bureaucrats. No voters in any nation ever once placed a vote for Jean Monnet for any kind of public office; and yet, he somehow became one of the most influential politicians in Europe. To this day, the major legislators and executives within the European Union are unelected officials whom no voters have elected.

This was another part of Jean Monnet’s dream: a supranational European government in which bureaucrats and officials would not have to answer to voters. This is 100% undemocratic, which they always carefully avoided mentioning. Instead of “unelected bureaucrat”, Jean Monnet preferred to call himself a “pragmatic internationalist”, which sounded much less sinister.

This quickly became the New World Order of Europe, in which unelected officials from the EU headquarters in Brussels would make rules pertaining to citizens of all member nations, regardless of what the voters actually wanted. Layer after layer of bureaucracy was applied to all walks of life throughout the EU. Rules pertaining to such trivial things as the sucking power of vacuum cleaners and the curvature of cucumbers began to be passed with impunity by uncaring, distant commissioners who voters didn’t know, never saw, and had never voted for.

When Nigel Farage once told the President of the European Commission that he “had the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk” he followed it up with this: “Who are you? I’ve never heard of you. Nobody in Europe has ever heard of you!” And yet the man he was speaking to, former Belgian PM Herman Van Rompuy, was being made President of Europe.



For a while, it seemed all wine and roses for EU bureaucrats and the globalist New World Order. But voters fought back. When it started to become clear that the globalist elites of Europe planned to erase national sovereignty and remove individual voters from any political relevance, voters began to wake up to the sinister truth of the project.

First came the stupid rules and regulations. Read about more of them here.

Then came the meddling in domestic politics, such as when EU leadership forcibly removed the democratically-elected leaders of Italy and Greece and replaced them with puppets of their own. Did the EU have the authority to do this? No. Did voters ask them to do this? No. These were completely undemocratic moves and affronts to national sovereignty. Basically coups d’état. These could’ve been considered acts of war, elsewhere.

But then the final nail in the coffin – which is 100% politically incorrect to discuss – was the EU’s policy toward Islamic migrants, which wanted to force member states across the EU to take in millions of uneducated and unskilled Islamic men and take care of them via welfare money.

This is the straw breaking the camel’s back. Many Europeans love their welfare. They love free goodies paid for by other people’s money. But now the loot was being horned-in on by foreign Islamic migrants. “Hey,” shouted the Europeans, “We stole this loot fair and square! Get back!”

Add in a few attacks courtesy of the Old World Order – Islamic radicalism – and you have a sinking ship.

So across Europe, nationalist movements have erupted against EU domination. Nationalism is trumping globalism.  Voters in Britain still retain an emotional connection to their cultural identity and homeland. Most have zero connection to the faceless bureaucrats of the EU. When push came to shove, they chose the devils they know over the pied-pipers in Brussels.


EU officials have always feared what would happen if one state voted to Leave. Now, those fears may be coming true. Politicians in France are pledging a Leave referendum. So are politicians in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, and Austria. Denmark and Finland are also showing increasing Anti-EU sentiments.

The first domino has fallen. Sometimes, a domino falls and nothing happens. This is what we are waiting to see. Will anyone be next?

If Britain separates from the EU with relatively little trouble, this is going to be a huge encouragement to other nations with major anti-EU movements. The call for backing out is only going to increase.

If any other major nations pull out of the EU, I think the whole project is officially dead. Already, experts say other EU nations are going to have to shoulder the nearly $3 billion shortfall in expenses that Britain used to shoulder. What are they going to do if  France or Italy, the two other largest economies in Europe besides Germany, pull out? The shortfall will become a heck of a lot more than $3 billion. How much more can the citizens of Germany and the smaller nations handle?

Of this, I am certain: Scotland is going to separate from the UK. In the Brexit vote, Scotland voted unanimously to stay in the EU. Already, Scottish politicians are pledging a push for another referendum to leave the UK, which I think will pass. Scottish voters are really going to want to stick it to England this time.


The bottom line was this: British voters had faith that tomorrow could be better than today. Nigel Farage made this clear every time he spoke: “We can take our country back. We can return to the age of a peaceful, prosperous, and independent Britain. I believe in tomorrow.” 

On the other hand were the EU bureaucrats: “C’mon, don’t filch out now! Things’ll be great, we promise. We just need you to agree to another few hundred stupid rules. And we need you to take another few million angry Muslims. And we also need your 2 billion pound membership fee by the end of the week. Vote Remain!”

Optimism is a powerful thing.

There are hard times ahead for Britain. That is the bed they have made for themselves, and remaining in the EU would not have changed that. But the Leave vote sent a clear message to the Eurocrats from the heart of the British voter: “I love my country, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I’m sick, and tired, and mad as hell at what you’ve done to the land that I love and the people that live there. Joining the Union was a mistake, and I get that now. Pip pip cheerio, mates.”

The European Union is disintegrating before our eyes, which is a terrific thing to see. Believing in tomorrow is capable of a lot more than we give it credit for.

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