The United Kingdom has officially voted to leave the European Union. Final votes are still being counted; but according to the major British media networks, it is nearly impossible for Remain to get enough votes to win at this point. Leave has basically locked down the victory.

Since the early 1900s, the grand dream of progressive elites in Europe has been for a united superstate to rule over the continent. For the past 50 years, it seemed like they were headed toward their goal. Country by country, the Union has grown to cover nearly the entire continent.

But the European Union has been a lot more than many Europeans bargained for. What was originally sold as a simple free-trade and mutual security agreement morphed into a bureaucratic, socialist monster of unaccountable government officials who are unelected and answer to no one.

“Enough”, a majority of British voters decided. Sick of the rules, the expenses, the obligations, the forced acceptance of Islamic migrants, the voters of Britain have decided to seize their country back from the domination of overseas bureaucrats.

This is truly incredible. I figured it’d be close, but in the favor of Remaining in the EU. I am pleasantly shocked that the opposite is true. British voters figured out they were receiving a raw deal, and they acted on it. Good for them.

Some experts say it will take two years before the UK can be completely extricated from the European Union. But the symbolism of this is earth-shattering in the here and now. The New World Order has been dealt an unimaginable blow to its prestige and pride.

This is an instance of people striking back at tyranny, which always cheers me up. Let freedom ring.

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