BREXIT: Britain to Leave the European Union?

On June 23rd, Britons will hit the ballot box to determine whether or not the United Kingdom remains in the European Union. I am inclined to think it will not pass, but I hope it does. Britain should leave the EU as soon as possible.

The following is a full-length documentary designed to persuade British citizens to vote to leave the European Union. It’s not bad. It makes a lot of compelling points.

Problem: the video is not even half as persuasive as it could be.

Like I said, it raises numerous valid points. However, it fails to directly address the single most hot-button issue being debated in the UK.

Why? Because the issue is politically incorrect to discuss negatively. The British anti-EU conservatives who produced the video are afraid to touch the elephant in the room, because they know that British leftists will freak out. So, the British conservatives choose to not explore the issue. They keep the gloves on. When you’re fighting an important ideological battle, you do not keep the gloves on. I don’t mean, “Be utterly rude and insulting.” I mean, “Be fearless and direct in your argument. Don’t hold back.”

What issue am I talking about? I’ll get to that in a minute.

The first few minutes of any persuasive presentation are the most vital; this is even more true with online video. You have only a few precious minutes to catch a viewer’s attention. Fail to do this, and you’re done. *click* Next video. Good luck sending your message.

The first few minutes of the Brexit video show images of opulent EU government offices to evoke some kind of contempt from the average Briton. They also show images of hardcore Greek nationalist party Golden Dawn in an attempt to scare British voters away from the EU. “It’s the far-right! Oogity boogity!”

This was a poor choice. The average British voter does not care about far-right Greek nationalism. It is irrelevant to the UK. This will not capture anyone’s attention.

Instead of what I mentioned above, the movie should have started with a few minutes of this. No dialogue needed, no commentary offered. Just let the viewer watch:

…and they could show some of this:

It would follow up with a clear and direct introductory message: “These are the people that the EU government wants to resettle IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, and they want to use YOUR TAX MONEY to do it. We can vote to leave the EU on June 23rd; VOTE YES to leaving, and let’s get out while we still can!”


The Brexit video is designed to appeal to intellectuals. But this is a teeny, tiny slice of the voting population. Furthermore, the video took millions of dollars to produce. It was an expensive effort. But much of it was wasted.

This video should’ve been tailored for maximum wide appeal. Instead, it opens with a segment on British fishermen in the North Sea. To fishermen, this is interesting. To the businessmen in the fishing industry, this is interesting. But the other 95% of British voters don’t care. They don’t know anything about North Sea fishing.

Polls have shown that Islamic immigration has become the number one concern on the average British voter. This information was not hard to come by; I googled “British concerns poll”, and found reliable information on this right away. Why didn’t the filmmakers do the same? Select the hot button issue and go for it.

But of course, as I mentioned earlier, the conservative intelligentsia in Britain will not discuss this, even though it is the foremost issue of the minds of most British voters. They are going to keep the gloves on and try to persuade people to leave the EU by talking about British anglers. This will be as about effective as it sounds.

When  people wonder why left-wing politics seem to grow unabated throughout the West, and certainly in Britain and the USA, this is partially why. Conservatives agreed long ago to play only by the left-wing’s rules. The Left screams bloody murder at the mere hint of incompatibility between Western culture and Islamic culture. So, the British conservatives play by their rules and talk about fishing instead. They are playing the role of dutiful loyal opposition.

This is the exact opposite of what we need. We need an opposition that is anything but loyal. We need an opposition that is willing to rhetorically attack the weak spots of left-wing globalists with brutality and unyielding vigor. No subject should be off limits.

Until they do this, liberals in America and the UK will continue to remain in power.


The Brexit video is interesting. I recommend you watch it, if you’re interested in international politics. But it is soft-core. It doesn’t fight to win. It fights to send it’s message without offending leftists. This means it is almost entirely neutered of potency.

When you are engaged in what you think is basically a life-or-death struggle, as the British conservatives see in the struggle to leave the EU, then you don’t fight softly. You play to win. Take no prisoners.



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