Trump Vs. Clinton: The Next President.

Trump has swept yet another 5 primary states. By this point, there is no doubt in my mind: Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee.

As far as I can tell, Ted Cruz’s candidacy is over. In terms of delegates, he has been mathematically eliminated. It is theoretically impossible for him to snag the nomination at this point.

He continues to campaign, however. In fact, he just named former rival Carly Fiorina as his running mate. I do not know the in’s and out’s of the political process, but I suppose he still thinks he can wrest the nomination away from the Donald somehow, perhaps through delegate-swaying shenanigans. Naming Fiorina as VP is clearly a move to generate steam and make it look like he’s still in the race when he is actually finished. Mentally, it’s a strategic move. But probably futile.

John Kasich is still John Kasich: Mr. Irrelevant.

On the Democratic side, Hillary has all but swept the Democratic nomination. She lost Rhode Island – the nation’s tiniest state – to Bernie Sanders, but she took four others. I have no doubt that she will be the Democratic nominee. As I’ve said before, I still think that Granny Hill will be our next President.

Sanders says he will stay in the race until the bitter end. I say, why not? He’s elderly  – 74 years old. He’s at the age where his time cannot be taken for granted. This might be the last really exciting thing he gets to do in his life. So why not run to the end? He’s probably having a great time. I’d keep going, too.

He seems to understand that his campaign is probably finished. After yesterday’s resounding defeat, he is laying off hundreds of campaign staff members.


Hillary Clinton is as establishment as you can get. This is why she is popular with centrist Democrats and Republicans (many of whom have said they would vote for Hillary over Trump). Hillary, at this point in time, is the very definition of “business as usual”. She will push the government in a more liberal direction, which is business as usual by this point; Republican presidents do not reverse this trend. She will mostly keep all of the same bureaucrats, advisors, contractors and consultants in place. The same old schmucks will keep walking through the same revolving doors. US foreign policy will remain meddlesome and violent. Increased regulation and government involvement in people’s private lives will continue onward.

So for people satisfied with the status quo, Hillary is the choice to make.

Trump is a wild card. I’m not sure what to expect. But of this, I have no doubt: he will change things if elected. What things will he change? I am honestly not certain. But unlike Obama, who was just a continuation of Bush Jr. with minor liberal trappings, Trump really will change things, for better or for worse. He is his own man. So if you’re happy with just rocking the status quo, I don’t doubt that Trump will do that. Buyer beware.

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have claimed to be dedicated to principle over politics. They have both said they have a vision for society, which I do not doubt. Therefore, they are future-oriented.

If I were Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders, I would no longer be directly gunning for the nomination. I would continue to run, like both of them are. But I would know that I would not win the election. Instead, I would be aiming for the future: the election of 2020. I would begin working now to angle myself as the major critic of either President Trump or President Clinton. I would position myself as the foremost oppositional voice out there, with frequent press releases on each negative development as they arrive.

Basically, I would position myself to be able to say this in 2020: “I told you so. I told you that Trump/Clinton would suck. I told you why they’d suck. I was right. And now I’ll tell you how we get back on the right track.”

Bernie is at a disadvantage, in this respect. There is a legitimate possibility that he could kick the bucket between now and then. Cruz, being much younger, can leverage this with greater effectiveness.


Politically, the nation is at a turning point. Voters are officially fed up with the Establishment, which is why Trump, Cruz and Sanders have been successful. Trump is a complete outsider, while Cruz and Sanders are both outsiders within their own parties.

The old method of slogging your way through the Washington Establishment for years and getting in line for an inevitable shot at the Presidency is losing relevance. It will lose even more relevance after the next economic recession, which I believe will hit before 2020. Anyone who wants to angle for the Presidency in 2020 should effectively begin their campaign now.





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