MUSLIM RAMPAGE: 34 Dead in Belgium Terror Attacks.


From the Associated Press:

Explosions, at least one likely caused by a suicide bomber, rocked the Brussels airport and subway system Tuesday, prompting a lockdown of the Belgian capital and heightened security across Europe. At least 28 people were reported dead. [UPDATE: That number is now 34.]

A spokesman for the Brussels Metro said 15 people were killed and 55 injured in an explosion on a train, and Belgian media reported at least 13 dead in two explosions at the airport, with many others injured.

Belgium raised its terror alert to the highest level, diverting planes and trains and ordering people to stay where they were. Airports across Europe immediately tightened security.

No official responsibility has been assigned yet. But do we really need to ask? Considering that Belgian police recently made a major Islamic terror bust, it is most likely that this is either retaliation or a hurried attack which was already in the works. According to a Belgian news agency, witnesses reported shouts in Arabic and gunfire before the explosions.

“We are at war,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said after a crisis meeting called by the French president. “We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war.”

War with whom? The French Prime Minister doesn’t say.

…As the city went into lockdown, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel condemned the “violent” attacks as “cowardly” on what he described as “a black day” for the nation.

“What we feared has happened, we were hit by blind attacks,” he said. “This is a dark moment for our nation. We need calm and solidarity.”

France and Belgium are utter basket cases of Muslim radicalism. They have enormous ghettos filled with angry Muslims who live on welfare benefits and refuse to learn the local languages. This will only get worse as more immigrants from failed Muslim countries pour into the continent.

Photos of refugees in Europe often show hijab-wearing women carrying young children. These photos are close-ups. But what if we look at large group photos of refugees? The true nature of the average Muslim migrant is obvious: young, healthy men. If you look at panoramic photos of refugee groups, you will be lucky to see any women or children at all.

As the leftist Politico reports:

According to official counts, a disproportionate number of these migrants are young, unmarried, unaccompanied males. In fact, the sex ratios among migrants are so one-sided—we’re talking worse than those in China, in some cases—that they could radically change the gender balance in European countries in certain age cohorts.

According to Swedish government statistics, as of the end of November, 71 percent of all applicants for asylum to Sweden in 2015 were male. More than 21 percent of all migrants to Sweden were classified as unaccompanied minors, representing more than half of all minor migrants to the country. For accompanied minors, the sex ratio was about 1.16 boys for every one girl. But for unaccompanied minors, the ratio was 11.3 boys for every one girl. In other words, the Swedish case confirms IOM’s statistic that more than 90 percent of unaccompanied minors are male. Indeed, on average, approximately 90 unaccompanied boys entered Sweden every single day in 2015, compared with eight unaccompanied girls.

If the majority of migrants were families, there would be far fewer problems. Families are not a threat. Men who invest in families tend to not commit crimes. This is true always and everywhere. When young men marry and start families, the statistical likelihood that they will commit a crime plummets.

Where young men are not being married and are putting off starting families, or never starting families, they are more prone to crime. This is being best demonstrated in China, where a veritable holocaust of aborting female babies has led to a massive gender imbalance of 120 males for every 100 females. Correspondingly, China is suffering from roving gangs of young unmarried men who simply haven nothing better to do than cause trouble. They have no women, no prospects, and nothing to look forward to.

The young Muslim immigrants of Europe face similar problems. Their prospects with women are practically nil. They largely abandoned their families and native women back home to begin with, which was their own choice. European women, in general, will not have them. Young Muslim men are resented by native Europeans. I have no proof of this, but I suspect that the new Muslim immigrants are resented even by the 2nd and 3rd generation integrated European Muslims, although probably less so. Call them the “noveau émigrant”, if you will.

A lot of the young immigrant males know this. European women will not have them, and most Muslim women in Europe are either already taken or will not have them either. They have no hope of marrying and starting a family; not in Europe, anyway. So they will remain discontented and contemptuous. Many of them will never integrate into European society. They will remain cloistered in Muslim welfare-fed ghettos, watching Islamic TV and reading Islamic websites while resenting the society around them.

This is the terrorist recruiter’s dream. When young men begin to feel like their lives are adrift, they will latch on to things that give them purpose and direction. Despite ethnic, national, and language differences, these young men have a few common connections: Islam, discontent, and poor luck with women. It is not difficult to tap into these things. I can hear the terrorist recruiter now: “No women? No money? Sick of infidels? Let’s talk.” This is exactly what is happening on a large scale in the Muslim ghettos.

The immigration invasion only makes things worse as it grows. Each new young Islamic male arriving in Europe simply means more competition for the others. It means that much more resentment from native Europeans. As more immigrants arrive, the situation for immigrant Muslim males gets worse.

When the Prime Minister of France says there is a war, he is absolutely right. Discontented Muslim males are at war with Western European society. They have no women and no prospects. They have no familial responsibilities. They are mostly unemployable. They are complete outsiders, and will always stay that way. So, they really have no stake in European society. Why not declare war on people they hate? What do they have to lose?

On the European side of things, here is the problem: Europe is mostly dominated by liberals. Western Liberals simply cannot deal Islamic radicalism. Liberals demand that everyone look to the government for solutions to every problem. But government is a centralized order, while Islam is decentralized order; and it runs circles around the government. Western Liberals want all citizens to be legally disarmed with guns left only in the hands of police and military. But the police and military cannot deal with randomized Islamic terror. It is simply too difficult to predict and prevent.

Furthermore, Western Liberals are obsessed with perceived racism and Islamophobia. They are terrified of doing anything that might be perceived as racist or Islamophobic. This is why, for instance, the German government tried to hide the mass rape and assault of German women by hundreds of young Muslims on New Year’s Eve. They did not want to willingly reveal what everybody already knows: Muslim immigrants do not respect women, and especially have no respect for infidel women.

So where Liberals are in control in Europe, they will try to muddle along with the status quo. They will welcome Muslim immigrants with arms open before shuffling them into ghettos and putting them on welfare. Meanwhile, the local power dynamic in these areas will tilt toward the Muslim radicals. There are already No-Go zones in European Arab ghettos where Islamic sharia law is basically enforced and national law is practically ignored. Police do not go in to these places unless they absolutely have to.

This is a preview of what will happen in Arab-heavy regions where liberals are in control. The nutless liberals will slowly retreat in the name of ostensibly promoting diversity while in reality retreating from increasing Muslim radicalism that they can no longer control. The Muslim radicals are going to increasingly call the shots in these areas.

There have been growing backlashes against the Islamic invasion. Anti-EU and Anti-Immigration parties have been winning huge electoral gains across Europe. But these parties are outsiders. Establishment political parties, both liberal and conservative, have been fighting them tooth and nail. The liberal media in these nations wastes no time in comparing these parties to Nazis. The anti-EU and anti-immigration parties have a hard road ahead of them. What impact they will manage to have remains to be seen.


We do not face these problems in America. It is true that we are just as at-risk for lone wolf terrorism as anywhere else. But we do not face that threat of a complete civilizational transformation by Islamic invasion. Part of it is a matter of lucky geography; Islamic migrants can simply walk into Europe, but they have to fly or take a boat to get to America. There is no way the mostly bankrupt mobs of young Muslim males could make this trip on a large scale.

Even if it did start to happen, we have an advantage over Western Europe. Most Europeans submitted to liberal dogma on gun control years ago. But liberals have never succeeded in disarming Americans. There are only a few places in America where liberals have achieved strict gun control, and most of these places are some of the most violent and crime-ridden in the nation. This is a source of deep humiliation and rage for the Gun Control lobby, which I think is terrific.

Americans have guns. If they don’t have guns, they at least want the option to buy and carry a gun. This is in stark contrast to many Europeans who already take it as a given that they don’t own a gun and will never own a gun. If young Muslims tried to pull a stunt in the USA like the mass rapes of New Year’s in Germany, they would find themselves under intense scrutiny from gun-carrying American men and women who would quickly make it clear that they cannot be pushed around. This would drive American liberals completely apoplectic, which would also be terrific and a great show. I’d buy popcorn and sit back on the couch while watching Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow go ballistic.


I am not predicting the end of Western Europe. I am predicting the end of the prevailing order and the European Union. Bureaucrats in the European Union have been in wholesale favor of adopting Islamic migrants and placing them on the welfare dole. The European Union as an institution is now inextricably tied-in with the Islamic invasion of Europe. Any anti-immigration political movement will also necessarily be anti-European Union on this basis: “You sold us out.”

The Nazis lost WWII, but they conquered the entire continent in one lasting way: widespread gun control. After the defeat of the Nazis, Western Europeans decided to hold to this part of their legacy. This same part of the Nazi legacy is leaving Europeans unable to defend themselves from Muslim hooligans.

As for America: if voters continue to reject gun control and reject European-style uninhibited welfare, this sort of thing will never happen here. It is a reason for optimism.

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