The Nutty Professor Strikes Back

I wrote an article yesterday discussing the University of Missouri’s financial crisis following racial hooliganism in November: over 1,500 students lost, $32 million underfunded, funding cut for all departments, no pay raises for the year, a hiring freeze… bad days for Mizzou.

They’re possibly about to get worse.

Mizzou’s own nutty professor Melissa Click, the one caught on video openly calling for an assault on a student photographer, was fired nearly a month ago. It took almost 3 months for the school to sack her, when they should’ve sacked her the same day. She was untenured, so this was theoretically possible. Instead, they hemmed and hawed. But the money started talking, and they realized they had no choice.

Unfortunately for Mizzou leadership, it ain’t over yet. The American Association of University Professors has formally requested that Mizzou rescind their termination of Ms. Click due to a supposed “violation of her due process rights”:

The American Association of University Professors on Friday urged the University of Missouri to immediately rescind its notice of termination to Melissa Click, the assistant professor of communication who asked for “muscle” to remove a student journalist during protests on the flagship Columbia camps this fall. In its letter to Hank Foley, interim chancellor at Columbia, AAUP cited Click’s lack of due process and the irregular means by which the university system’s Board of Curators voted to fire her last week

“Beyond its evident lack of conformity with the regulations of the University of Missouri, an action to dismiss a faculty member with indefinite tenure or a probationary faculty member within the term of appointment absent demonstration of cause in an adjudicative hearing before an elected faculty body is an action fundamentally at odds with basic standards of academic due process,” Hans-Joerg Tiede, associate secretary of the AAUP’s department of tenure, academic freedom and governance, wrote on Click’s behalf.

I can see why this would concern the AAUP. I’m sure every nutty professor across the country was terrified by what happened to Click. “You mean we can get FIRED for this stuff?! I thought zany antics were part of the job!

Melissa Click has been mostly silent since her termination, which was a smart choice. But like Gollum crawling out from the Mines of Moria, Ms. Click took the complaint of the AAUP as a sign that she could crawl back into the limelight:

Melissa Click, the assistant professor of communication at the University of Missouri at Columbia who was fired last month for her actions during on-campus protests in the fall, broke her silence Tuesday to endorse the American Association of University Professors’ planned investigation into her case. Click, who hasn’t spoken publicly since she was terminated in a closed-door vote by the university system’s Board of Curators, said in a statement that AAUP’s action “underscores my belief that the curators have overstepped their authority.” Click said that while she acted on the curators’ offer to appeal their decision directly to them, “I do not believe that the process they used to come to their decision was fair.” In reference to the unusual means by which the curators fired her — absent faculty review — Click said the curators must adhere to university policies and rescind her termination.

The good times never have to end. This whole thing just gets better and better.

Needless to say, it’s pretty rich for Ms. Click to complain about having her rights violated. Then again, I suppose she does know a thing or two about violating rights. What was her attitude toward the rights of the student she harassed in the video again…?


Ah, that’s right.

She goes on:

“Instead of disciplining me for conduct that does not ‘meet expectations for a university faculty member,’” she added, “the curators are punishing me for standing with students who have drawn attention to the issue of overt racism [on campus]. … The Board of Curators is using me as a scapegoat to distract from larger campus issues, but their termination of my employment will not remedy the environment of injustice that persists.”

Ha! Melissa Click is the very caricature of a completely nutty liberal professor. I have said before that the essence of the Modern Left is no longer about “revolutionary progress”, but simply about shoving responsibility for mistakes onto other people. This is exactly what Ms. Click is doing.

She was caught red-handed on video not only rejecting a student’s right to freely photograph a public protest, but also calling for him to be violently assaulted. You’d think that maybe she would feel somewhat bad or regretful about this.

In a perfect world, maybe. In our fallen world, she does not believe she was canned for being a contemptible and violent jackass, but for “standing against overt racism on campus”. She sees herself as a glorious martyr for the cause. So, she is getting behind the AAUP complaint and calling for her own reinstatement.

What if she doesn’t get reinstated? It’s possible that she may sue. Depending on how faculty regulations are written at Mizzou, she may actually have a case. The knuckleheads on the college board might get screwed by their own idiotic regulations, which is pretty funny.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ms. Click feels scorned. She is already plotting her revenge against the school. If they don’t reinstate her position, she’ll make them rue the day they told her she couldn’t use left-wing rhetoric to justify violence against the innocent. None shall stand in the way of the great revolution!

Time for the coup de grâce of the whole debacle. According to Melissa Click, who is to blame for her troubles? Any sane adult would probably realize, “Damn. I incited violent assault against an innocent student simply because his presence upset me. I really don’t deserve to be an employed teacher.”

Melissa Click is certainly an adult, but her sanity is questionable:

Click alleged the board had bowed to “conservative voices” calling for her dismissal and said that while she’s apologized for some of her actions during the protests — including asking for “muscle” to remove a student journalist — she won’t “apologize for my support of black students who experience racism” at Mizzou.

Let’s get this straight: A left-wing professor is sacked by her left-wing bosses for actions during a left-wing protest. But somehow, it still all comes back to the vast right-wing conspiracy. You really couldn’t make this stuff up, unless you’re Gary Larson and you’re drawing a Far Side cartoon.

Melissa Click is truly delusional. Just look at her face. I usually try to avoid saying things like this, but I really mean it this time. Look at her face, and think about what you see.


I’ll tell you what I see: a woman who lives in a state of permanent anger and hatred against people she doesn’t like. A woman who believes that violence against innocent people is justified if it is in support of the right cause. A woman who cannot take responsibility for her own actions to save her own life, and who blames everyone and everything else for the problems that she brings on herself.

I see a woman who tasted real power for the first time in her life as a professor leading a protest, and her first instinct was to encourage others to beat up an innocent person. I see a miserable and pathetic creature who craves control and domination of everyone she can manage to spread it over.

Sounds like she would’ve fit right in during the good ol’ Soviet times.

But maybe it’s just me.

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