How One Idiot Professor Screwed Mizzou.

The University of Missouri is in trouble. They are losing students and losing money.

Over 1,500 students have disenrolled from the school, most of them incoming freshmen. They face a $32 million budget shortfall. Annual pay increases have been canceled for the year. Hiring has been frozen across the board.

College leadership sent out an e-mail to all staff detailing their financial catastrophe. The interesting thing is this: not a single line of the e-mail addresses why this is happening.

Anyone with a half-ounce of brain matter knows why: because the school buckled to race hooligans late last year. Race hustling hooligans shut down parts of the campus and disrupted classes over imaginary racism against black students, and the spineless white liberals in charge of the school rolled over onto their backs and begged for mercy. Then the race hooligans smelled blood in the water and went into a full-court press culminating in the resignation of the impotent college president. The white liberals running the school became victims of their own ideas in action, which was entertaining. I guess they forgot to check their privilege.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, an assistant professor taking part in the protests was caught on video accosting an innocent journalism student who was simply taking photos of the protests. No interviews. No gonzo interloping. Just simple photography. For some reason, that upset this professor. She called for other students to provide “muscle” and throw him out, which of course is illegal assault.

Thankfully for us, the wonders of technology shone light on deeds done in the dark. This idiot professor forgot that she ain’t protesting in the 1960s. Cell phones are in every pocket, each with a camera. YouTube allows us to freely share videos across the world. Do the math. Nothing done in public can be hidden any longer, which she apparently didn’t think about.

The video quickly went viral. Her face was on front-page news the very next day. Her picture is going to be burned into the public psyche forever as the face of the 2015 Mizzou protests. Gaze upon the hideous face of tyranny:


The kicker? This woman was an assistant professor of JOURNALISM, for Christ’s sake. I laughed out loud when I first read this story. So much for that whole “Freedom of the Press” thing.

She was eventually fired… nearly 3 months later. That in itself says a lot about Mizzou leadership. She was untenured. She could’ve been fired that same day. Instead, the losers in college leadership fiddled about for 3 months trying to decide what to do with her.


It should be no surprise that Mizzou is facing a financial crisis. If I were a parent of a prospective Mizzou student, I know exactly how I would’ve reacted to this whole debacle: “You ain’t goin’ there, kid.” If I were a paying parent of a current freshmen of sophomore student, I’d tell them to pack their bags and pick a new school. When push came to shove, school leadership bowed to race hustling hooligans who were delaying classes and disrupting scholarship for innocent students who just wanted to go to class. This shows that Mizzou’s leadership is not as interested in scholarship as much as they’re interested in virtue-signaling to other left-wing wackos nationwide, which is to say that Mizzou leadership is utterly worthless. They sacrificed innocent students on the altar of political correctness to please race hustling hooligans. Why would any parent who gives a damn send their kid to a school like this?

And this doesn’t even consider the idiot professor who accosted a journalism student. Once again, the school fiddled about for 3 months before finally getting rid of her. Colleges are notorious for holding onto wacky left-wing professors in spite of unethical or criminal behavior. I’m sure the leadership at Mizzou tried their best to figure out a way to keep her and not look bad, which was never possible to do. Once the money started talking, they realized they had no choice. Sometimes the bad guys really are defeated, which is always great to see.

She looked like a pompous and contemptible jackass on video. She made her school look horrendously bad. Then they made themselves look even worse by not firing her immediately. All it took was one idiot professor to send the message to a nation: “Don’t send your kid to Mizzou.” At least 1,500 people got the message.

If they buckle this way to race hustlers in the future, a heck of a lot more than 1,500 people are going to get the message.

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