Band Leader from Paris Attack: “Arm Everyone.”

On Fox News, we read:

Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes has returned to Paris, saying he feels a “sacred” responsibility to finish the band’s show that was interrupted by gunfire, but adds that the terror attacks haven’t changed his view on guns.

Islamic extremists massacred 89 people at the band’s Nov. 13 performance at the Bataclan, which has been closed since the attacks across Paris that left 130 dead and 350 others wounded.

“There’s been just such an outpouring of support for us and love for us. It’s overwhelming. I just don’t want to let anyone down,” Hughes said of the band’s upcoming performance at the Olympia Theatre in Paris on Tuesday.

…”I haven’t had any nightmares and I’ve slept fine but when I’m awake is when I see things that are nightmares,” he said.

Asked if the trauma he and others experienced has changed his views on gun control, Hughes, co-founder of the band, said he believes everyone should be armed.

The bottom line is this: France already has draconian gun control. All of the weapons involved in the Paris Muslim rampage were illegal. Gun control did not save them. It is not difficult to obtain illegal weapons in France.

The concert hall massacre was entirely one-sided. Nobody but the Muslim killers was armed. Unsurprisingly, only concertgoers were killed. The score was zero to 89, terrorist’s favor.

I had a debate (if you could call it that) with a pro-gun control person a few weeks after the massacre. I said that if even only 10 people in the audience had been armed, lives may have been saved. Their response: “Don’t be so sure.”

I asked, why not? Their response (condensed version): “What if the armed audience members missed their targets? What if they didn’t have the nerve to shoot? What if they were shot first?”

…And maybe small meteors could’ve fallen through the roof and killed everyone. What does it matter? None of this is relevant.

If you go one-on-one with an armed terrorist, and you are unarmed, then you’re probably dead. If you go one-on-one with an armed terrorist and you are also armed, but he has the drop on you, then you’re still probably dead. BUT if you go one-on-one with an armed terrorist, you’re also armed, AND you have a few seconds to react, then MAYBE… just maybe… you can shoot back and save your own skin. Maybe also someone else’s skin. Maybe you’ll be a hero.

Or, like my opponent said, maybe you’ll miss, or the gun will jam, or a meteor will fall on you before you can pull the trigger. Life isn’t fair. But that has nothing to do with banning gun ownership.

Such an argument is basically a straw man. There is no point to it, other than to not allow for the logic of gun ownership without a fight.

The band leader went on to say this:

“I think the only way that my mind has been changed is that maybe until nobody has guns everybody has to have them. Because I don’t ever want to see anything like this ever happen again and I want everyone to have the best chance to live and I saw people die that maybe could have lived,” he said.

I agree with this. If we live in a world where nobody has guns because nobody needs them or wants to use them, then great. Sounds like we’ve finally entered Utopia. When we’ve entered Utopia, let me know. Until then, I want good men with guns to counteract the bad men with guns.

The liberal answer is predictable: “That’s what police are for.”

My answer: When you need the police right now, they’re a phone call and a few minutes away.

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