Irresistable Trump? How the Media Loves and Hates Him.

I dislike Donald Trump. I have said this many times. The only reason I say it is to ensure that nobody mistakenly thinks I support his candidacy. I dislike his ideas and do not think he would be the political savior some people make him out to be, much like Obama was not the political savior he was touted as in 2008.

But I find Trump’s candidacy interesting. More than interesting; I enjoy it. I love what’s going on between Trump, the Media, and the political establishment. It really is the greatest show on earth.

The mainstream media is in full freakout mode. Not a day goes by without some journalist or commentator comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. The fierce attacks just keep coming: Intolerant Bigot, Xenophobe, Islamophobe, Racist, and more. The mainstream media has run the full gamut from start to finish. But it is clear by now that Trump is bulletproof to this stuff. None of it sticks. He brushes it off with the ease. He simply refuses to apologize for anything that causes outrage in the hearts of liberals.

This is new. The mainstream media is used to grabbing political figures by the balls and twisting until they scream. The first big apology of a politician’s career for saying something insensitive is usually a right of passage. But Trump absolutely refuses to do this. When the mainstream media and Republican Establishment (which also hate him) attack his words, he just doubles-down. This makes the media and Republican Establishment look incomparably weak. They cannot deal with this man. He brushes them aside and carries on his merry way.

I still do not think that Trump will win the election. I think Hillary Clinton is still the favorite to win, although not perhaps without a fight. But there is no question that Trump could still win the Republican nomination. This would be the juiciest happening in the modern history of the Republican Party. There’s no way they can just ignore him and nominate the next guy. The political backlash would be immeasurable. If the votes are there, Trump will be the Republican nominee, and the beltway Republicans will hate every minute of it.

Recently, Trump has taken significant heat for his proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigration to the country. This shows that he is either a genius, or very stupid. Which do you think? I’ll answer: genius. Trump may be many things, but stupid ain’t one of them. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

First of all, I sincerely doubt the Supreme Court would let him get away with this. They would strike the measure down on a First Amendment basis: Freedom of Speech/Religion. Targeting Muslims for discriminatory immigration policy would never pass. But I don’t think he expects it to pass. I don’t doubt that he really wants it, and will make it happen if he can, but I think he expects such a measure to be struck down by the Supreme Court.

What he’s really doing is simply drawing a contrast between himself and Obama. Trump is differentiating himself from Obama, who wants to bring over 10,000 Syrian Muslims and support them on the taxpayer’s dollar whether the taxpayers like it or not. And then when the Supreme Court strikes down Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration, which he expects them to, he can shrug his shoulders and blame it on the courts. “I tried.”

After Trump proposed his ban, the media exploded. The old refrains sounded throughout the internet: “Intolerant bigot! Racist! Islamophobe!” I’m sure many within the media thought this was finally it, their chance to torpedo Trump’s boat forever.

Remember in “A New Hope” when Obi-wan says to Vader, “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can imagine?” It’s like that. Even after all of the media hysteria over Trump committing an act of unspeakable horror – being insensitive – his numbers still rise. They rise, and rise, and rise.

And therein lies the beauty of this situation. The tables have turned; it is Trump who has the media by the balls. They simply cannot stay away from him. He makes too good of a story. But they hate him. So they cover him negatively. But each hatchet job that comes out only serves to solidify his credibility to his base.

The mainstream media has not yet figured out that the game is finally backfiring on them. Far from harming him, all of the insults – the accusations of bigotry and Islamophobia, the hatred, everything – is drawing him more support. Every single liberal tantrum against his character is reinforcing his credibility in the eyes of his supporters. The ratings just go up and up.

This may be the end of the line for the liberal media, in a sense. Trumpian voters are at the point now where they see being attacked by the liberal media as a sign of street cred. The mainstream media points at Trump and screams bloody murder. But then voters look at the mainstream media, and they see the same people who insist that guns be taken from lawful citizens so they can live at the mercy of armed criminals, who insist that Climate Change will kill us all unless we institute pseudo-socialism, and who insist that we all pretend Bruce Jenner is a woman. Voters are understandably skeptical of the mainstream media by now. Trump may be weird; but quite frankly, he’s in good company. The liberal media is not any less weird.

Trump is the light, and the media are the moths. They are beating themselves to death against him. They cannot stay away, even if it is detrimental to their own cause. They will report on every insensitive statement he makes, and it will only serve to make him more powerful.

Meanwhile, the Republican Establishment is terrified of Donald Trump. As early as 2012, it was somewhat obvious that Jeb Bush was supposed to be the choice for 2016. I almost feel bad for Bush, although not really. He probably was assured by Republican Party bosses that he’d be given his shot at the Bush Trifecta in 2016. Jeb was excited, no doubt. Suddenly, here comes Big Bad Trump to ruin Jeb’s little parade. “No fair! This was supposed to be my turn!

Jeb Bush is spending over $75 million on his campaign. He has attacked every single other Republican candidate… except for Trump. Bush is terrified of Trump. He knows that engaging Trump directly will be a lost cause. Trump will run circles around him. So Jeb is biding his time, hoping that he can be the last one standing between Trump and the nomination. At that point, he’s probably banking on Trump’s “unelectability” to hand himself the nomination. But it’s the voters that decide who is unelectable. So far, polling at a measly 3%, Jeb Bush is looking like the unelectable one.

Something horrible is starting to dawn on the mainstream media: their power to sink the ships of politicians and public figures through political correctness is fading. At least, the old way of doing things is looking impotent. In the past, accusations of political incorrectness were all it took to elicit blubbering apologies from public figures. And for many, that still is all it takes.

But Trump has changed the game. The liberal media throws itself on the ground in a tantrum like a small child, kicking and screaming with tears of anger in their eyes; and Trump ignores them. He even kicks the screaming kid periodically: “Shut up, you little bastard.” This is a quantum leap. They simply do not know what else to do.

The Republican Establishment turns their nose up at him. “He’s not one of us. No CFR membership? No Ivy League Alma mater? Bah.” Too bad. A lot of voters do not feel similar disgust. In fact, the voters are beginning to turn their noses up at the Republican Establishment. “We’re sick of you. You have failed us too many times.

As I said earlier, I do not like Trump. I disagree with many of his ideas. But I love what he’s doing to the political landscape. I love how upset he makes the mainstream media and Republican establishment. I love all of it, and I drink it up like sweet sodey-pop. The political landscape is not going to be the same after this. I think that Trump has finally ended the age of the silent majority. The silent majority will no longer be silent for fear of liberal outrage. The game’s afoot.


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