How To Be A Loser – College Edition.

Look at this photo. I will take the author at her word:
WomensStudiesPhotoThis person decided to peg her future on a Women’s Studies degree. Even worse, she sold herself into debt slavery to do it. I cannot imagine a bigger waste of $60,000 than a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies. If you burn $60,000 in a big pile, at least you can roast marshmallows over it.

What else could this person have done with the money? Make a few down payments on single-family homes to rent out. Start a small business. Perhaps invest, if she knows what she’s doing. Considering she chose a degree in Women’s Studies, though, I suspect this person has no idea what they’re doing.

“Is this the ‘American Dream’ I worked so hard for?”, she wonders. I don’t doubt she worked hard. But for what? A guy who spends all day digging holes in his backyard is working hard too. But it’s wasted effort. Unless other people value your efforts enough to pay you, you’re wasting your time. Did this person do any research before selecting a Master’s program in Women’s Studies? What was her plan? What was she going to do post-graduation?

This mentality reflects what is known as The Labor Theory of Value, a discredited and frankly idiotic idea which is periodically resurrected by people with no economic understanding. The idea states that inherent value is found in direct labor; for instance, that a worker should be paid by how much sweat they put into a job, rather than on supply and demand.  The question to ask someone who believes the Labor Theory of Value is this: Where does the “inherent” value of labor come from? What gives it value? There is no sufficient answer to that question, because the Labor Theory of Value is little more than a “feel-good” idea for the Far-Left. This is why the idea usually dies before long. Like the living dead, it eventually resurfaces in another time, another place.

I don’t what this student thought she would do with a degree in Women’s Studies. As far as I know, the only thing a Women’s Studies degree itself can directly lead to is a job teaching Women’s Studies. Apparently, that has not worked out for her. If she can write, then she should write books and articles. If she can speak, then she should start a YouTube channel with well-produced videos. If she has any other special skills or knacks, she should try to combine it with her Women’s Studies degree to make money. But this person does not think this way. She thinks that 6+ years of hard work should itself earn her a comfy lifestyle. She spent $60,000+ on a largely worthless degree, and now apparently blames Wall Street for her failures. Society does not value her hard-work and dedication. How dare they!

There is no nice way to put it: she blew it. She is a loser. It is too bad it came to this.

This person blames society and presumably Wall Street for her years of poor decision making. As long as she is stuck in this mindset, she will stay a loser. She will continue to live off WIC and food stamps and expect someone, somewhere, to hand her a high-paying cushy job in return for her years of toil in pursuit of a worthless degree. She will continue to live her life wracked with envy, which is the most destructive of all emotions.

The first step toward not being a loser is to realize this: that you are a loser. When this person has accepted that, she can begin the journey to rebuilding her life. Will she be rich? I wouldn’t bet on it. But you don’t have to be rich to enjoy life and build a rich heritage. “Success” is often a subjective term.

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