Green Politics: The New Socialism.


Communism died in December of 1991, after the USSR committed seppuku. Literally overnight, the Soviet empire disappeared. The international communist movement went down with it.

In the West, there was a great knashing of teeth among socialist intellectuals. These people had insisted for nearly 75 years that a society run by engineers, professors and bureaucrats with total control over everyone’s resources would win out over a society run by free markets and private property.  For nearly 75 years, the engineers, professors, and bureaucrats in the USSR had carte blanche to do whatever they wanted. It never worked. The whole thing fell apart.

In 1990, socialist millionaire Robert Heilbroner wrote an amazingly prescient article titled “After Communism” in which he uttered three words that had haunted the nightmares of socialists everywhere since the 1920s: “Mises was right.

In 1920, when the worldwide socialist era was just getting started, free-market economist Ludwig Von Mises quite definitively predicted that the socialist system would never work in his now famous article “The Economic Calculation Problem in the Socialist Commonwealth.” Mises died in 1971, but his views were 100% vindicated when the USSR collapsed in 1991. Socialist societies, devoid of any sort of free-market price system, simply cannot calculate how to allocate resources, no matter how willing the populace is to be controlled. Even if everyone is cheerful and robotic all the time, the Socialist State will never be able to figure out beyond an educated guess what they should order people to do. Small calculation errors compound into larger errors. Gradually, then suddenly, the whole thing collapses.

Heilbroner, in spite of his dedication to socialism, accepted this. In his article, he wrote:

Capitalism has been as unmistakable a success as socialism has been a failure. Here is the part that’s hard to swallow. It has been the Friedmans, Hayeks, and von Miseses who have maintained that capitalism would flourish and that socialism would develop incurable ailments.

He admitted that it was the free-market libertarian economists – the Von Miseses, the Hayeks, the Milton Friedmans – who had been right all along. He conceded that socialism is irrational.

However, this doesn’t mean that Heilbroner abandoned his dream of a society dominated by socialist centralized planning. In his article, he hinted to his fellow socialists that the dream still had hope, but not through an economic imperative. Rather, he said that the future would need socialism due to an environmental imperative. He believed that the future of socialism was in the environmentalist movement.

I have compared the modern Green movement to the Communist movement before. It has always been a movement based on what people want to believe, as opposed to empirical reality. Fact: there has been no net increase in global temperatures for 18 years. This contradicted the “Global Warming” narrative, which is why the name subtly shifted to “Climate Change” within the past 10 years. This way, whether the net temperatures get warmer or colder, the Climate Change Mafia can declare that it is a result of mankind’s greed and that we should therefore have extensive government control over industry and trade to protect the climate – in other words, socialism.

Problem: Environmentalism in America is a political dead horse. No substantial green legislation has ever been passed. In 1992, the UN pushed the Kyoto Protocols forward, a suite of anti-global warming measures designed to restrict industry and trade in favor of the environment. Socialists on the rebound after the collapse of the USSR latched onto the Kyoto Protocols as a new casus belli to revive the great movement for central planning. But voters never wanted the Kyoto Protocols. The treaty languished in Washington for 20 years until it finally died in 2012. Neither China nor the USA, the two nations that the Kyoto Protocols were explicitly designed for, ever ratified the treaty. Without China or the USA, the Kyoto Protocols were little more than toilet paper.

I say with complete confidence that the Climate Change movement has been a failure. Despite major hysteria from academia, the media, and Hollywood, voters have never fully bought into it. Voters have allowed small intrusions in the form of transit overhauls and various pollution regulations, but that’s all child’s play. No comprehensive legislation designed to completely transform industry and life in America has ever been passed.

For over 30 years, environmentalists have continued to insist that man-made environmental disaster is just around the corner unless we have government controls over the markets and industry – in other words, socialism. But there has never been a disaster or catastrophe that has been conclusively linked to man-made climate change. Sound bites from left-wing talking heads insist that every storm, hurricane, and cold snap is due to man-made climate change; but no evidence of any relation to mankind’s activity exists whatsoever. Nothing has ever been proven.

Some people say that the true consequences just haven’t shown up yet. “Soon!”, they cry out in anguished anticipation. How soon is soon?  The Green Mafia has been saying “soon” for years… but the disasters never come. Soon is still “soon”, and there is no evidence that “soon” will ever come. 31,000 scientists have signed a petition charging that “soon” will never come, and that the entire man-made Climate Change movement is a dishonest farce. They have endured great ridicule and jeering from the environmentalist left for signing such a document. But they have signed it nonetheless. For these scientists, principle has outweighed expediency.

The problems with the Climate Change movement run deeper than that. The main problem with the whole thing is this: the regulations have to be enforced equally in every industrial nation on earth in order to make any difference. Most especially, China and the USA need to sign on. But it would have to be a simultaneous submission. Any country that signs on to something like the Kyoto Protocol is basically guaranteed to weaken their own economy, considering such regulations amount to little more than “decrease output and make industry more expensive”. So who’s going to go first? Which nation’s politicians will be the first to explain to their voters that they are going to have to face worsening economic prospects due to an alleged crisis for which there is no conclusive evidence? And what if other nations decide to double-cross you and take advantage of their now comparably stronger economies?

Green politics are little more than repackaged socialism. After the collapse of communism, all the socialists and progressives who still wanted to believe in central government planning of society moved from the economic imperative to the environmentalist imperative. Pre-1991, the imperative was “We need to make a functional and efficient society that shares production fairly, therefore we should have socialism.” After the collapse of communism in 1991, the imperative became “We need to make a functional and efficient society that protects the environment and fights climate change, therefore we should have socialism.” It’s interesting how many different roads can lead to the same conclusion.

But green politics are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Hollywood stars continue to harp on it in Oscar acceptance speeches. College Professors continue to pound the idea into student’s heads. Al Gore continues to ramble on about it. But in spite of all this, no substantial green legislation has ever been passed. It does not appear that any substantial green legislation ever will be passed. A recent Gallup poll shows lagging concern for Climate Change in the public eye:



The long-term trend is clear: less and less concern over Climate Change. Voters are starting to become weary of the ever-incessant chattering from the environmentalist left. If the Green Mafia couldn’t get voters to pass regulations like the Kyoto Protocols at the height of public concern, how on earth will they get such laws passed now? Unless they introduce a little hanky-panky and foul play, it’s not going to happen.

The environmentalist left makes a lot of noise. They have a lot of friends in academia, Hollywood, and big corporations; but at the ballot box, the whole movement is dead in the water. Where the rubber meets the road, the Green Mafia cannot even get past the starting line.

Socialism really is dead. It died in its plain form in 1991, and it’s dying in its 2nd form today.

Sometimes we hear about zany attempts from the environmentalist left to add steam to the great movement, like this protest in Australia where a bunch of Climate Change believers stuck their heads in the sand to protest the supposed “head in the sand” attitude towards climate change held by many people. Some people might find these antics annoying, but I find them funny. These are people who are totally wasting their time. For 30 years, all the hooting and hollering in the world has not convinced any industrial nation’s voters to neuter their economy with green legislation. In fact, it appears that interest in the movement is waning.

The environmentalist left, in spite of all their mockery and accusations of “science denying”, cannot get anything substantive passed. The furious, frustrated tears of the environmentalist left are like sweet sodey-pop to me. Fetch me a chalice, so that I may drink deeply.

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