Zeroes and Ones.


In case you didn’t already know, let me fill you in on something: We currently live in the greatest age of international liberty ever seen by mankind.

Communication is the cheapest and most efficient it has ever been, and it is completely decentralized. The digital revolution has utterly chewed away at models of top-down control across the globe. Communication and power itself is being broken down and decentralized in such as way as has never been experienced by our ancestors.

Moore’s Law has thus far been relentless. Roughly every 18 months, the density of the microchip doubles. Every day, politicians and government bureaucrats go to their morning meetings and discuss ways to control us. Every day, these people really think they have the power to control our lives. Every 18 months, Moore’s Law spits in their faces. The top-down system of Keynesian socialism currently dominant in the USA is being constantly hammered by Moore’s Law and the decentralization of information and communication. The language of freedom is Binary Code. Bureaucrats and politicians are terrorized at night by dreams of anthropomorphic zeroes and ones bursting into their offices and chasing them into the streets.

The gatekeepers have been totally smashed. The Internet is destroying the ability of world governments to control the flow of information and prevent people from accessing information. Communication and information are cheaper than they have ever been. As the price has lowered, more has been demanded. More will continue to be demanded. This will make it easier for people to collaborate and cooperate outside the influence of national governments.

Capital ownership is becoming more decentralized and international. Think about it: stocks, bonds, financial assets, banking, even real estate (to a certain extent)… most of it can be bought and sold online. The money and goods never even need to cross borders or go anywhere. Today, people can crowdfund movies, games, and music through websites like IndieGoGo and GoFundMe. Artists do not have to beholden themselves to major corporate studios and record labels: the international markets can be their manager.

The last stand of top-down Keynesian tyranny in the USA is in the banking system. It is difficult for American citizens to open foreign bank accounts, due to laws like FATCA. This is but a howl against the worldwide wind. Throughout the world, capital controls are being lifted in the aggregate. The US government is fighting a battle it cannot win. Already, the online buying and selling of capital is nearly 100% outside the control of the Feds. The tighter the grip the federal government thinks it has on capital, the more slippery capital becomes.

Governments are more susceptible to information leaks than ever before. WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden have proven it. No e-mail account is safe. Hillary Clinton and IRS henchwoman Lois Lerner are discovering this the hard way. These schmucks do not understand technology. They do not understand that digital communications almost always leave “ghost” backups in numerous locations. Therefore, when it is discovered, as in Clinton’s and Lerner’s cases, that ALL relevant e-mails have been deleted, we can know they’re lying about something. This is something they cannot hide from people. Citizens are seeing how deceptive and foolish these people are in full view, and there isn’t anything the bureaucrats can do about it.

My point is this: The Internet has caught national governments with their pants down. Every time the State thinks they’ve plugged a leak in their machinery, five more leaks pop up. The age of decentralized information and communication is chipping away at the power of the bureaucrats and politicians everywhere. Moore’s Law is the vanguard of international liberty.

The State has the badges and guns. They can stick a gun into your belly and tell you what to do. But we’re winning; we have the zeroes and ones on our side.

Badges and guns lose to zeroes and ones.

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