Marco Rubio, Cuba, and Schizophrenic Conservatism.


On Fox News, we read:

To hear former Texas Republican congressman and longtime conservative rock star, Ron Paul, tell it, Marco Rubio is clueless when it comes to the power of the free market. 

“It’s like talking to a stone wall,” said Paul. 

Paul is aware of Rubio’s ongoing verbal sparring with his son, Rand. Late Thursday, Rubio slammed Obama’s Cuba Policy by calling it the “Paul/Obama plan.” And earlier in the week, Rubio had said, referring to Rand Paul, that the Kentucky Senator “didn’t know what he was talking about when it came to Cuba.” 

As for Ron Paul, he accuses Rubio of not having confidence in the free market principles that America is built on. Rubio has suggested that Castro and the Cuban government will defeat any and all U.S.-backed free market initiatives in Cuba, and that they will end up “keeping the money.” 

Asked if that suggests that Rubio has more confidence in the Castro government than in free enterprise, Paul responded, “That’s absolutely right. “

There are many reasons why I’m an enormous Ron Paul fan. His willingness to speak directly and with complete candor is one of those reasons. His ability to verbally strike at the root of the matter is another.

I have talked before about the major schizophrenia in mainstream Conservatism: a supposed dedication to fighting government control at home, but advocating the use of government control outside the borders (usually through the Pentagon). My question to these people is always the same: “If the government is incapable of making good decisions at home, how are they capable of making good decisions abroad?” It’s as if crossing the imaginary line known as a “border” suddenly lends bureaucrats great wisdom and virtue.

Ron Paul is absolutely right about Marco Rubio. Mr. Rubio believes that Communism is stronger than the Free Market. He believes that if the embargo is lifted, Castro’s communist system will outsmart the free market, strengthen Castro’s regime, and make a fool of the United States. Rubio is throwing it down like a no-nonsense kind of guy.

In reality, Marco Rubio is a complete-nonsense kind of guy.

The major question I have for Senator Rubio is this: Have you paid attention at all to what’s happened over the past century? The rise and total collapse of nearly every communist regime on earth? The destruction of the Soviet Union in 1991 should have made the lesson clear: Communism does not work. It can never, ever work. I have discussed this. Even beyond the famous incentive problem (“Who’s gonna clean the toilets?”), Communist governments simply cannot calculate and plan out an entire economy. It just can’t be done; not even if backed up by supercomputers or the world’s brightest professors.  No individual or committee can efficiently allocate resources for an entire economy. The only way that an economy can boast efficient allocation of resources is when people have the freedom to trade with each other and pursue efficiency as best suits them. This is known as the “Free Market”. Mr. Rubio does not understand this concept.

The only bastions of true Communism left in the world are North Korea and Cuba. Both of these nations are backward crapholes. It is not because of US sanctions; it’s because of Communism. But neoconservatives like Marco Rubio are apparently incapable of grasping this. People like Rubio are stuck in the old anti-communist mindset of the 1950s: the idea that Communist countries were brutally efficient, satanic machines of chaos that would endlessly grow and metastasize across the globe unless met with military opposition. According to people like Rubio, Communist central planners will outsmart free societies every time, and are nigh guaranteed to win out against freedom unless met with military force.

What does this mean that Rubio believes? It means he believes in the power of Communism, more so than the power of freedom. He believes that central planners will inevitably dominate the world, if given the chance.

I say, poppycock. I say, the events of the 20th century prove that Communism and authoritarian tyranny will ultimately collapse every time; if not totally, like the USSR, then at least practically, like China. I don’t believe that central planners in the government can ever plan out an economy and pull everyone’s strings; it’ll collapse every time.

When you hear neoconservatives freak out over normalizing relations with Cuba, they are basically saying that they fear Communism as greater than the power of the Free Market. These idiots are totally mistaken. They have not paid attention to anything that went on throughout the 20th century.

Compared to the Free Market, Socialism is but a wispy black cloud hovering over the minds of men, constantly gnawing at itself in rage and frustration until the Free Market rears it’s fearsome head and blows it away with a slight gust. This is what happened to Russia and Eastern Europe. For nearly 75 years, it seemed like Communism was there to stay. Suddenly, in the span of only 3 years… it was all over. From 1988 to 1991, the whole thing fell apart. The Hammer and Sickle went from being one of the most feared symbols in the world to the most derided and mocked. It has never recovered. The people who loved it have never recovered.

Castro is probably quaking in his Depends at the normalization of relations with the USA. For nearly 60 years, the US Government has done part of Castro’s job for him; that is, keep the Free Market away from Cuba through an embargo. Lifting the embargo brings the Free Market that much closer to Cuba’s shores. The Castro brothers have insisted that the Free Market will not come to Cuba. I can’t wait to see how that turns out for them.

In the meantime, we have people like “Red Scare” Rubio freaking out and annoying us with tales of how Cuban Communism will become stronger than ever if the embargo is lifted. He believes in the power of a centrally-planned economy run by bureaucrats over the power of the Free Market. Rubio claims to be a conservative… but the last time I checked, there was already a name for people who believe in the superiority of centralized government planning. They’re called “Progressive Liberals”. Which side is this guy really on?



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