The IRS Scandal – Lying to Our Faces.


The IRS is one of the most powerful organizations in America. They are more powerful than Congress. They know this. The IRS is not afraid of Congress in the least.

That is why they have been giving Congress the middle finger in full view of the public.

The ongoing IRS scandal is interesting to me. Everyone – and I mean everyone – knows that the IRS was engaged in biased, immoral, and illegal activity when they stonewalled applications for tax-exempt status from conservative political organizations. Everyone knows that the IRS is lying through their teeth when they say that all of the evidence that would prove their innocence (or guilt, as it actually would be) was lost in a freak hard disk crash. Show me a person who believes the IRS is telling the truth, and I’ll show them a bridge for sale in New York. Absolutely everyone with a single ounce of mental fortitude can see what’s going on here: the IRS was engaged in illegal activity, and now they’re covering it up.

But the IRS is hardly phased. All it takes is one look at IRS Commisioner Koskinen’s smug face during the Congressional hearings he was summoned to, and you know that the IRS is not perturbed by Congress at all. There is only one way that Congressional Republicans and sympathetic Democrats can get back at the IRS: by cutting their budget next fiscal year. But they’ll never do this. Congress is addicted to spending and taxation. Who does Congress rely on to maintain the American tax plantation? The IRS, of course. Congress could cut the IRS’ budget, but that just means it’ll be more difficult for Congress to suck taxpayers dry. That’s not what Congress wants. Congressional Republicans may want to teach the IRS a lesson, but they don’t want to damage the IRS’ ability to pester citizens with the tax bureaucracy, which is what cutting their budget would accomplish.

Many people have shown sincere surprise and outrage. I’m not surprised in the least. I suppose I’m outraged, principally-speaking; but it’s hard to be outraged when this behavior was to be expected all along. The IRS acted as a paramilitary force for the White House; so what? What’s new about that? The Executive Branch and executive agencies have always fought against Congress. This behavior is not new.

That leads into the next interesting point to consider: How high up, exactly, does this scandal go? It’s hard to say, due to the purely coincidental crash of all the pertinent hard drives, which is not suspicious at all. But my assertion is this: wherever the buck stops, it’s somewhere waaay high up. Higher than just Lois Lerner’s office. Higher than Commisioner Koskinen’s office. I honestly think this scandal goes all the way to the White House.

Think about it: If the buck did stop merely at Lois Lerner, then the IRS would’ve disowned her immediately and she’d already be wearing an orange jumpsuit. Bureaucracies don’t like having their boats rocked; they’d dump her like week-old Chinese leftovers as quickly as possible in order to ensure all of the heat stays on her.

But that’s not what happened. The IRS circled the wagons. They opened token investigations into Lerner, and allowed her to retire instead (with her $100,000+ pension, I might add). They did not bring her out to be sacrificed at the altar of the taxpayers; they protected her. They are still protecting her. They are still adamant that all of her e-mail from her computer and Blackberry phone were wiped, all at different times mind you.

This suggests that someone higher than Lerner is ultimately responsible. Lerner was just someone’s willing minion, and her master wants to keep her quiet by protecting her.

Records show that just before the illegal IRS targeting began, numerous high level officials from the IRS and the public union representing IRS employees made more visits to the White House in a small 2 year span than they made in the entire 8 years that Bush was President. Coincidence? Maybe. But if you don’t think that’s suspicious, than you are clearly not a person meant to read mystery novels. This evidence is indeed just circumstantial, but these are some mighty shady circumstances. This is compounded by the fact that some 95% of all IRS employees who made political donations in the 2012 election cycle made their donations to Obama. So we have a sudden surge of face-to-face meetings between IRS officials and the White House, and those same officials are basically all Barack Obama supporters who would naturally be opposed to conservative politics and conservative political groups. Hmmmm.

I think someone in the White House is ultimately responsible for the scandal. It might, just might, even go all the way up to Obama. There is no evidence for that (aggravated by the fact that all the evidence was destroyed). But at lowest, I think the scandal goes all the way up to someone close to Obama. I cannot say for certain who. But I don’t think the IRS would be going to such great lengths to stonewall and circle the wagons unless they were protecting someone really, really high up.

After all, the IRS has basically sacrificed what little credibility they may have had left in the general public’s eyes. Nobody likes the IRS, but I think they were mostly viewed as a somewhat robotic and largely benign agency for the past 20 years. Not so anymore. The IRS has officially taken on the image of a deeply malevolent and partisan agency that stomps on political opponents. I don’t think the IRS really wanted the scandal to come to this. To some degree, an overwhelmingly negative public perception could cause trouble for them later. But they were willing to take the risk, in order to protect someone super high up. If it really was just Lerner that were ultimately guilty, or even Commissioner Koskinen, then I think they would’ve been quickly arrested. But because it’s actually someone high-up, they are taking great pains to protect the lower-level people that were implicit in the crime. After all, it wouldn’t do for the White House to try pinning it all on Lerner, and then have her retaliate by revealing the truth. And assassinating Lerner would be pretty transparent, so silencing her is out of the question.

The IRS is guilty, and they are lying under oath. This is the nature of bureaucracy: stonewall, stonewall, stonewall.

Keep in mind: a similar scandal is what brought down Richard Nixon and precipitated his resignation. If this scandal were to be connected to Obama, the result would probably be somewhat similar. There are a lot of entrenched bureaucratic and crony capitalistic interests that do not want to see the Obama Administration rocked that way.

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