On a Lighter Note… Pop Culture Roulette.


Usually, my articles are of an entirely serious nature. However, I’m not above spreading the mirth when it’s available.

Do you enjoy laughing and remembering the weird things about pop culture from when you were a kid? Do you enjoy hearing eclectic perspectives on the current state of pop culture, and predictions on where it’s going? Of course you do. Therefore, I highly recommend to you Pop Culture Roulette.

Pop Culture Roulette is a gathering of three renaissance men, who discuss all things pop culture-related; from movies to music, comic books to video games, sports to TV shows, and beyond! Let me tell you this: If you have an hour to kill in the car, and you fill that hour with Pop Culture Roulette, you’ll at least stay awake.

Behold, the newest podcast can be found here. Are you a Kevin Smith fan? I think you are. If that’s the case, this podcast is for you.

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