The Youtube Gallery of Thomas Sowell.


I frequently tout Thomas Sowell as one of the greatest wielders of rhetoric in our time, perhaps even the greatest of all. I’m glad he’s on our side, which is the side of Liberty and Freedom, instead of being on the side of Statism and Tyranny. When it comes to discussing politically incorrect topics, especially where racism and poverty are concerned, Sowell never fails to be utterly direct and tell it like it is. The only topic in which I usually disagree with him is in the realm of Foreign Policy, and that’s about it.

The fashion in which the mainstream left-wing treats Dr. Sowell is interesting: They totally ignore him.  If any white professor says the same things that Sowell does about government and race, they are decried as monstrous racists and get buried by academia and the Mainstream Media (except to be dragged out for ridicule purposes once in a while). This tactic obviously does not work very well against Dr. Sowell, who is black; unless they try to go the “self-loathing race traitor” route, which I think ends up making the accusers look far worse than the accused, at least in the eyes of people I consider decent and levelheaded. Furthermore, Dr. Sowell can easily tear apart any left-wing feminist / racialist / environmentalist / socialist / whateverist “liberation ideology” intellectual who dares to attack him publicly. Nobody on the left can match Sowell’s rhetoric word-for-word.Therefore, the left-wing just stays silent. They pretend he doesn’t exist. It is the best course of action, in their case.

I think more people should be exposed to Thomas Sowell. I think many of his best ideas are best transmitted through his television interviews and lectures.Therefore, I am going to begin regularly posting the collective works of Thomas Sowell’s YouTube videos.

Click here to view my first entry in the series. Enjoy!


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