Should Obama be Impeached?


The Immigration “Crisis” continues to boil. I say “crisis” in quotes, because it is not clear to me how what’s happening at the border is different from business-as-usual. Why would immigration suddenly become some kind of crisis now? Did all the aspiring immigrants of Central America somehow coordinate to arrive all at once? Did the “train of death” only just start running? I doubt it. I guess I don’t quite get it. Is there really an immigration “crisis”, or is this just another issue that’s being obscured by political smoke-and-mirrors?

Crisis or no crisis, the issue has reached somewhat scandalous levels, and the President has faced criticism from both Anti and Pro-immigration activists over the management of the issue.

From the Anti-immigration camp, some are even whispering the dreaded “I” word: impeachment.

As Former Vice Presidential contender Sarah Palin wrote in an editorial published yesterday:

President Obama’s rewarding of lawlessness, including his own, is the foundational problem here….

It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.

The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored.

Not all of the GOP is in agreement with this:

House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) disagrees with Republicans calling for the impeachment of President Obama.

“I disagree,” Boehner said when asked by reporters Wednesday morning. When a reporter pointed out that some House Republicans also are calling for impeachment, Boehner said again: “I disagree.”

Allow me to settle this: Boehner is right, Palin is wrong. Do not try to impeach President Obama.

It would be a waste of time. The Senate would never convict Obama. Do you really think the Democratic Party elite want President Biden? Heck no. President Biden means there would probably be no President Clinton, which is what the Democratic elite really want. Joe Biden is a knucklehead; he’s the Democrat version of George W. Bush. He would lose to any Republican contender worth his own salt. Therefore, the Democratic elite wants Biden to disappear after the Obama presidency is over.

I think an attempted impeachment would backfire. I think it could potentially galvanize left-wing voters. It would turn the Obama presidency, a story of incompetence and scandal, into a legend of martyrdom. This would backfire on the GOP. The American state apparatus and bureaucracy is going to be left-wing either way, but I think attempting to impeach Obama will make sympathetic voters think the left-wing American governmental system is under serious attack (which it wouldn’t be). I think it could lead to something worse.

What motivates people like Sarah Palin to call for Obama’s impeachment? They’re not just jealous of the presidency, but envious. I think they are motivated by envy. Jealousy and envy are two different things. Jealousy is when you want something that someone else has; Envy is when you want something that someone else has and you don’t want them to have it. Their gripes with the Obama Administration go beyond just thinking, “We can do better.” They are thinking, “We can do better… and Obama doesn’t deserve to be president.” They want to actively tear Obama down. This is bad news. Envy is destructive; It is a poisonous sin. No good can ever come out of envy. It is a sinister emotion dedicated to destruction and tearing other people down for the sheer enjoyment of seeing them suffer humiliation, or worse.

Anything that I think is being done out of envy is something I unequivocally oppose, bar none. I think most, if not all, GOPer’s calls for impeachment are out of envy. Therefore, I can easily say that I oppose their efforts. I think many GOPers calling for impeachment are more concerned with sticking it to all the Obama shirt-wearing zombified liberals who voted in 2008. “Sticking it to liberals” is not a suitable foundation for a political idea.

Obama’s presidency is basically over, anyway. He is a total lame duck. The fact that he continues making threats about legislation by executive order proves this; he knows that he doesn’t have the political clout to get anything through Congress. So he threatens to take action by executive order. Of course, the bugger about executive orders is that any following President can repeal them, and Congress usually has to agree to fund them anyway, so threats over executive actions are more hot air than anything else.

Obama is a lame duck and not much of a threat to liberty at this point. Just leave it at that.


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