Immigration Protests Rock Southern California.


In the Washington Times, we read:

Rumors had swirled among anti-immigration activists near a U.S. Border Patrol station in Southern California that the agency would try again to bus in some of the immigrants who have flooded across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Instead, they got dueling anti- and pro-immigration rallies Friday.

The crowd of 200 outside the station in Murrieta waved signs and sometimes shouted at each other. One banner read: “Proud LEGAL American. It doesn’t work any other way.” Another countered: “Against illegal immigration? Great! Go back to Europe!”

Earlier this week, the city became the latest flashpoint in the intensifying immigration debate when a crowd of protesters waving American flags blocked buses carrying women and children who were flown from overwhelmed Texas facilities.

Federal authorities had hoped to process them at the station in Murrieta, about 55 miles north of downtown San Diego.

“This is a way of making our voices heard,” said Steve Prime, a resident of nearby Lake Elsinore. “The government’s main job is to secure our borders and protect us — and they’re doing neither.”

When considering the current immigration debate, the most important thing to keep in mind is this: the illegal immigrants that are already in the USA are here to stay. Estimates place the number of illegal immigrants in America near 12 million at the least, and 20+ million at the most. No matter what happens with the immigration debate, these people aren’t going anywhere. Do you think the US government has the money or the manpower to round up and deport 12 million people? Of course not. Anyone who thinks mass deportation is in order lives in fantasy land. I suspect most of these illegal immigrants probably didn’t have much a home back where they came from to begin with; so telling them to “go home” doesn’t really mean anything to them. This is their home now. They’ll live on the outskirts of society and hide in the shadows, but they ain’t going anywhere.

I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. I am not opposed to immigration. I love immigrants. But I do not think the US government should extend amnesty to illegal immigrants. First of all, it’s flat-out unfair to all the immigrants who have made it through the process legally. The citizenship process is time-consuming and somewhat costly. Could the process be improved? Maybe. I’m not an expert in that area. But suddenly granting unconditional citizenship to lawbreaking illegal immigrants simply because of overwhelming numbers is a massive fart in the face to all the immigrants who have respected the letter of the law.

It’s not unlike if Obama were to suddenly declare student loan debt forgiveness to all students tomorrow; it would be a massive fart in the face to people like myself who scrimped and saved to pay off our debt. Obviously, I would’ve been better off not paying my loans and blowing the money or saving it. If I had known the long arm of the government was going to wipe away debt, I could’ve just sat on it and not wasted my money paying it. Now, because I exercised good character and virtue in paying my debts, I’m out $20,000 that I could’ve had if I didn’t pay my debt at all. Thus it would be with immigration amnesty. It would send this message to legal immigrants: “Screw you! You should’ve broken the law instead.”

This seems like an extremely negative precedent for civil government to set: “Follow our expensive and time-consuming laws, but if enough people break the laws at once, then we’ll forgive them out of expediency.” Alright, then. But what other laws does this mean people can break en-masse and receive amnesty for? The government would have to hope millions of people don’t suddenly try this all at once with tax evasion.

One major argument against illegal immigration involves the welfare aspect. Already, illegal immigrants are able to receive a large number of welfare benefits, chief of which being able to send their kids to Public Schools. The main benefits they do not have access to are Social Security and Medicare. Opponents of immigration amnesty claim that suddenly adding 12+ million names to the Social Security/Medicare rolls will overwhelm the system and bring it down. This is a moot point. These systems are going to collapse anyway, regardless of whether or not illegal immigrants receive amnesty. Amnesty would have that silver lining, in this respect: it might bring these immoral systems down sooner, which would be great.

I am opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants also because I know (as I think we all know) what liberal politicians want to do: turn illegal immigrant communities into voting plantations. This is what liberal politicians have already done with inner-city black and latino ghettos, with promises of sustained and expanded welfare benefits as the carrot on the stick. As former President Lyndon Johnson infamously said in a recorded telephone conversation, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Liberal politicians (those without shame, at least) are hungrily eyeballing the large illegal immigrant communities as their next victims of building dependency on government and destroying society with welfare until it becomes so dysfunctional that it totally relies on welfare and the liberal politicians who use it as bait for votes.

My take on the immigration debate? Let the illegal immigrants stay. Don’t grant amnesty. Instead, give them something akin to a green card, like a guest worker’s visa. It would allow them to work, buy, sell, whatever, but not accept welfare or vote. Committing any felonies would earn instant and permanent deportation. The “guest visa” would basically be a guarantee that they won’t be arbitrarily or unfairly deported as long as they aren’t committing crimes. Create an expedient pathway to citizenship for “guest visa” holders who have proven that they can live in America without relying on welfare or breaking the law.



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