Stockman: “Hell No, Taxpayers Shouldn’t Go To Syria!”


From David Stockman, as posted to David Stockman’s Contra Corner:

Barrack Obama has rekindled 1968. Back then the folly of Vietnam had become so self-evident and omnipresent that the most power-obsessed President in US history was driven from office and his bloody escalation of the war on Vietnam was stopped in its tracks by the overwhelming sentiment of the American people.

Obama has now created another such defining moment in his request for $500 million to arm the Syrian “opposition”. Does this clueless man not know we have already done that? Has this social media savvy gasbag not viewed the ISIS YouTube channels where he could see tens of millions worth of American war equipment on parade under the black flag of these terrorists?

Obama Proposes $500 Million to Aid Syrian Rebels

Program to Train and Equip Moderate Opposition Would Expand U.S. Role in Civil War

Has the President not noticed that these “enemies” were trained as “friends” in order to fight across the now non-existent border in Syria? Some of them apparently even got their diplomas at the CIA training camp in Jordan. Did they not became battle-hardened trying to overthrow the Alawite government of Bashir Assad—that is, a second cousin to the Shiite sect that is allegedly on our side in Iraq’s sectarian carnage?

And is it not true that the Shiite of Iraq have opposed the US/Saudi sponsored uprising against Assad? Is it also not the case that they constitute Iraq’s majority population, control most of its wealth and oilfields, were put into office under elections sponsored and rigged by the US and now control—-barely—some $25 billion of military training and equipment bequeathed by the American taxpayers?

So the friend of our friend is our enemy? Only in the capital of a collapsing empire could such feckless stupidity be taken seriously.

And it gets worse. Has not the Shiite’s supreme leader, the Ayatollah al-Sistani, told Obama to keep his battle forces off the territory of Iraq? Has not the firebrand Shiite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, threatened to once again mobilize his Mahdi army if the American “occupiers” return to the land where we spent $1 trillion destroying the Sunni regime of  Saddam Hussein? So the enemy of our enemy is also our enemy!

There is no hope of stopping the collapse of Iraq and Syria, and thereby the demise of the artificial nations created by the British and French colonial offices in 1916. Since 1990 more than one million citizens of these hapless nations have been killed by military conflict and economic sanctions—-almost all of which is attributable to Washington’s mindless interventionism. Does not the War Party have enough blood on its hands already?

Let the region fight it out and self-partition. The Kurds have already seized the northern oilfields and pipelines and have made their deals with Turkey. So be it.

Read more of this article at David Stockman’s Contra Corner.

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