The Fall of The House of Obama: Endless Scandal.


Let me open with these questions: Can you think of a single major victory that the Obama Administration can claim? Can you name a single person within the Obama Administration that has seen their reputation elevated because of his or her work within the administration?

My answers are “No” and “No”, respectively.

Those questions are subjective, of course. Someone might call Obamacare a major victory. Liberals of the Nancy Pelosi-type call it a victory. But I really don’t think that’s true. Obamacare is one of the most polarizing pieces of legislation in American history. Nearly all conservatives agree that it’s a loss, but I think a lot of liberals don’t think it’s a victory. Perhaps for the wrong reasons; they might have been hoping for a true single-payer system, which Obamacare isn’t. Regardless, I think those people are disappointed with Obamacare and count it as a loss.

I can’t think of anyone within the administration who’s had their public reputation elevated. Some might say Hillary Clinton; I say, “Yeah right.” Even the Benghazi debacle notwithstanding, what has she accomplished that anyone considers beneficial? Can you name anything? I sometimes hear people say “She was a fine Secretary of State”, to which I say “Oh yeah? Tell me how.” Nobody has a sufficient answer, because she didn’t accomplish anything we’d call a victory. Beyond Hillary, who else? Joe Biden? Susan Rice? Jay Carney? Don’t make me laugh.


The VA Healthcare scandal was a serious burn to the Obama Administration. They kept waiting for it to blow over… and it kept getting worse. New details seemed to be leaking every day. The headlines just kept coming. Drudge, the juggernaut of online news, was erupting daily with new reports of misconduct. This turned a run-of-the-mill bureaucratic scandal into a full-blown political crisis. How can we tell? Because Obama fired the head of the VA, Eric Shinseki. Officially, Shinseki resigned. But I think we all know what resigning is code for in the political world: Getting fired covertly.

The Obama Administration needed something to displace the negative headlines. What better way to displace negative headlines than with the story of reclaiming our nation’s only Prisoner-of-War? Surely, this could be hailed as a victory. A small one, but a victory nonetheless, and something to distract everyone.

Army Sgt. Bergdahl was swapped for 5 Taliban commanders. The Obama Administration trumpeted his release. Immediately, Bergdahl was outed as a deserter. I am not sure if this has been proven to be 100% true yet; but I have done a great deal of reading on the issue, and there is a lot of convincing evidence that says he is. The clincher for me is that his own former platoon-mates call him out as a deserter. That’s pretty damning evidence.

Furthermore, it has now been reported that the Taliban commanders released from Guantanamo Bay are living in luxury in Qatar. At least one has publicly vowed to continue waging jihad against the USA. Feel how you will about the “War of Terror” and Guantanamo Bay, but I think everyone can agree that this news is not good PR for the Obama Administration.

Even some hardcore Democrats are jumping ship on this one. They ain’t stupid. They know a reputation-blowing scandal when they see it:

The fury in Congress was bipartisan, with some senior Democrats firing broadsides as the White House sent emissaries to apologize to key lawmakers and to promise better engagement in the future.

“I think that they expected everybody just to fall in line,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and one of those who received a personal apology from a senior White House aide.

Feinstein said the White House failed to anticipate that bypassing Congress would provoke anger on both sides of the aisle. The discovery that the five Afghans were top-ranking Taliban commanders has fueled concerns that the trade may endanger U.S. security.

“This is an issue that certainly those of us on the Intelligence Committee care a great deal about,” Feinstein said. “Because we believe that there is potential danger from certain of these five people.”

Furthermore, Congress does not like being undermined. The Obama Administration undermined Congress in retrieving Bergdahl. Sometimes, I think Obama and his inner circle of handlers forget that it’s not 2008 anymore, and that Congressional Democrats won’t throw themselves into the gears of his political machine just for his convenience. They shouldn’t have expected Congressional Dems to stand idly by.

My big question about the Bergdahl Swap is this: Did nobody in the White House think that it might turn into a scandal? Apparently, the framework of this agreement had been in the White House’s back pocket for nearly 2 years. The Taliban was ready to swap in 2011, it just took until now for the White House to bite on the deal. He disappeared in 2009. The White House had plenty of time to know his story inside and out. I imagine Army brass had to be aware that he was a likely deserter, and not a true victim. I have read stories of Bergdahl’s captivity for years, but I never heard that he might have been a deserter. It seems like they stifled that part of the story. The point is, did nobody involved in the deal know about his probable desertion? It seems like nobody in the White House did any research.

There is no end to the scandals that are popping out of this administration. As soon as one cools down, it seems another pops up. Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the Obamacare rollout debacle, the NSA scandal, the VA scandal, now the Bergdahl scandal… No wonder annoying Press Secretary Jay Carney called it quits. He was probably sick of looking like a complete idiot every time he had to try deflecting some new scandal.

I am predicting that Obama’s reputation is totally wrecked. He ain’t gonna recover. He has unequivocally lost the strategic initiative. Not only does he look bad, but his whole team looks bad. His administration looks like a pack of bumbling fools. Rahm Emanuel was smart to get out when he did, although his Mayorship of Chicago is getting its own share of negative press.

Obama made a classic mistake: relying on the bureaucracy to not hose him. This has brought down many-a-politician. Former President Warren Harding described this situation best: “I have no trouble with my enemies… but my goddamned friends, they’re the ones who keep me walking the floor at nights!” This accurately describes Obama’s dire straits, in which the technocrats he has entrusted various bureaucratic agencies to are continually screwing it up for him.

Thomé’s Rule of Government #3.14: “There are a zillion scandals within the government waiting to be discovered at any given time.” This has always been true in national governments, always and everywhere. These scandals are always floating around within the state apparatus, just waiting to somehow get Drudged up to the surface (pun intended). These scandals generally do not find resolution while floating in the government miasma, because bureaucracies are more concerned with covering up than with rectifying. Why? Because rectifying is basically an admission of guilt. If a bureaucracy suddenly reverses course on some scandalous happening, this attracts media attention: “Why are things suddenly different?” The scandals can be figured out by anyone who puts 2 and 2 together. So bureaucracies are more interested in covering these things up. If they can sit on it long enough, then it will be too late to punish anyone by the time it is discovered. It is preferable to the alternative.

We can officially call Obama’s 2nd term a “lame duck presidency.” This was true from the beginning of his 2nd term, but now I don’t think anyone except the die-hard Obama people will deny that he’s got no steam left. Too many holes have been punctured in the pipes of his political machine. There ain’t enough pressure left to do anything. His PR has crumbled into dust and blown away in the wind. Most politicians are trying avoid becoming too closely identified with him. It will be difficult for him to rally support for any new initiatives in Congress, even from Democrats. Also, his protection from the Mainstream Media is starting to wear off. They could only do so much to protect his image. The only media people left giving him a public break are obnoxious celebrities. But seeing clips of Obama smiling and chumming with celebrities no longer generates adoration from Americans, but resentment and frustration. Dancing with Ellen Degeneres was “lovable” in 2008; now, it would be perceived by everyone as little more than a fart in the face.

A lame duck is a good type of President to have. In my opinion, it is the 2nd best type of president to have, in relation to us as citizens. The best type of President is one who actively pursues rolling back spending, regulation, warfare and taxation; these men are rare. Martin Van Buren was one; 1st term Grover Cleveland was another. The next best type of President is one who has basically no competency, no influence, and is incapable of getting anything done; in short, a bozo. A bozo president is the 2nd best type of President. My basic supporting assertion for that is this: If a President is doing anything other than rolling back government intrusion into our lives, he’s screwing us over.

If a President isn’t actively rolling back regulations and government spending, than the next best thing is to have a President who isn’t doing anything at all, because at least he isn’t screwing us over (at least not as much as he could be, anyway). Most Presidents become lame ducks in their 2nd terms. This is when they become mostly harmless and incapable of doing anything major. This is when most presidencies make the transition from malevolent to somewhat benign.


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