UK Independence Party, Semi-Libertarians, Sweep British Elections.


The semi-libertarian UK Independence Party (UKIP), headed by brash eurosceptic Nigel Farage, has swept the British European elections, relegating the mainstream left-wing Labour Party and right-wing Conservative Party into 2nd and 3rd place. It is the first time in over 100 years that neither Labour nor the Conservative Party have won a national election.

As The Guardian reports:

Nigel Farage has unleashed his much-promised political earthquake across British politics as Ukip stormed to victory in the European elections, performing powerfully across the country.

In a stunning warning to the established political parties, Ukip was on course to win as much as 28% of the national poll. That is a near doubling of the 16.5% it secured in the last European elections in 2009, when it came second to the Tories with 13 seats.

Twenty years ago, in its first European election, Ukip managed 1% of the vote.

Farage said the result justified the description of an earthquake because “never before in the history of British politics has a party seen to be an insurgent party ever topped the polls in a national election”.

He claimed voters had “delivered about the most extraordinary result that has been seen in British politics for 100 years and I am proud to have led them to that.”

The UKIP is committed to exiting the European Union. That is their first and foremost position, beyond anything else. It is a good position to hold. The EU is an albatross around the neck of the United Kingdom. Anyone voting for the UKIP understands what the ultimate goal is: to leave the EU. This election demonstrates that a large number of British voters seem to be really interested making a break.

The UKIP is semi-libertarian. They support free trade, lowered taxes, and major cuts to foreign aid and military spending. You can view their party manifest here. The UK government has been a socialist madhouse for over a century; I consider the election of the UKIP to be an extremely healthy sign. There are a some major issues I have with their programme – their support of maintaining the poisonous British welfare system being chief among them – but on the other hand, there’s probably no way any political party in the UK could win an election on an anti-welfare platform. This is at least a step in the right direction.




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