Rapper Wale: “Harry Reid uses Racism to Make a Bigger Name for HImself.”

Red Bull Soundclash DC  Presents Wale


Popular rapper Wale, native of Washington DC and staunch fan of the Washington Redskins, recently took to Twitter to accuse loudmouth Senator Harry Reid of using frequent accusations of racism to “make a bigger name for himself”. Harry Reid has recently aroused the ire of Redskins fans with a rhetorical campaign against the team owners, accusing them of racism against Native Americans over the use of a name considered by some to be offensive. As Reid said in an interview, “It would seem to me that it would make a lot of sense that they should get rid of having a group of Americans as mascots. They’re not mascots – they’re human beings.”

Wale’s critical tweets appear below:


Congratulations, Wale; you’ve figured out what some of us figured out long ago. Accusations of racism in the modern political arena are not about principles or some kind of genuine concern for human dignity; they’re about grabbing for power. It’s a game played between politicians and bureaucrats. It’s all about proving that oneself is the least racist, while their opponent is more racist. Think what you will about the Redskins’ team name, but I agree with Wale’s opinion of Reid. Sen. Reid isn’t actually concerned somehow for the dignity of human beings; almost everything he says and does is a carefully calculated attempt to consolidate power and legitimacy. This incident is no different.



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