Ayatollah of Iran: “Endless Jihad until America is Destroyed.”


The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently declared in a public comments that Iran will never end it’s nuclear program willingly, and that one of the Iranian Government’s guiding ideals is the supposed destruction of the United States.

As The Daily Caller reports:

“Those [Iranians] who want to promote negotiation and surrender to the oppressors and blame the Islamic Republic as a warmonger in reality commit treason,” Khamenei told a meeting of members of parliament, according to the regime’s Fars News Agency.

“Today’s world is full of thieves and plunderers of human honor, dignity and morality who are equipped with knowledge, wealth and power, and under the pretense of humanity easily commit crimes and betray human ideals and start wars in different parts of the world.”

In response to a question by a parliamentarian on how long this battle will continue, Khamenei said,“Battle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist. … This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides.”

Khamenei cited the scientific advancement of the country. “The accelerated scientific advancement of the last 12 years cannot stop under any circumstances,” he said, referring to the strides the regime has made toward becoming a nuclear power.

Generally, I am unperturbed by such remarks from the Iranian Government. They’ve been saying these things for years. It is not unlike North Korea’s frequent threats to rain apocalyptic destruction upon it’s foes, which never happens. I oftentimes consider the severity of threats from tyrannical regimes to be directly proportional to the amount of doo-doo they currently understand themselves to be in. At the present time, Iran is suffering from some of it’s worst economic troubles since the 1979 Khomeini Revolution. The inflation rate over the past 12 months has been calculated to be near 32%, which is terrible. I think the Iranian Government understands that their days are numbered unless they can figure out some solution to rally support; otherwise, their own exceedingly rotten economic situation will be their undoing.

I’ve said it a bunch of times already, and I’ll say it again: the history of US relations with Iran is one long, tragic string of bad decisions from start to finish. Make no mistake, I have no love for the Iranian Regime; but this is a good example of where the US government created it’s own monster. 30+ years of fiddling with Iran’s internal affairs directly contributed to the creation of the stinky Islamic Republic we all know and are annoyed by today. First, their neutrality was violated by the Allies in WWII, then their democratically-elected leader was ousted by CIA-orchestrated coup, then the US helped prop-up the Shah while he slaughtered dissidents, then the US armed and funded Saddam Hussein during the extremely-bloody and drawn out Iran-Iraq War, then the US government branded Iran with crippling economic sanctions for over 20 years… What silliness.The US should’ve just stayed out of Iran’s business to begin with. Maybe Iran would’ve ended up in the same dire straits as today anyway, but at least the US government’s hands would’ve been clean of any responsibility in this whole mess. That is certainly not the case, in reality. Practically every major historical event in Iran is tied into their antagonistic relationship with the US government.

When politicians and bureaucrats are allowed to play with the world like a gigantic game of Risk, everyone else pays for it. The little people who just want to live their lives suffer the most.



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