Benghazi: House Democrats Consider Investigation Boycott.


The controversy surrounding the Benghazi Killings of 9/11/2012 have recently seen a resurgence in attention as new evidence suggests a cover-up and internal stonewalling over what exactly conspired that evening. The renewed push for a special investigation into the affair has split Congress almost evenly along party lines, with Republicans heavily agitating for an investigative probe while Democrats largely admonish the attempt. Some Democrats have even called for a total boycott of the investigative proceedings to protest what they perceive as a merely partisan attack on the Democrat-controlled White House.

As Fox News reports:

House Democrats argued behind closed doors Wednesday about the proposed structure of a special investigative committee on the Benghazi attacks — with some lawmakers arguing they should boycott the investigation altogether. 

At a press conference after the meeting broke up, Democratic leaders would not say definitely what they plan to do. 

Some rank-and-file members argue that by joining the select committee, they’d be improperly legitimizing what they view as a political effort. Others, though, argue that if they don’t participate, they will not be able to shape the direction and narrative of the probe. Several sources told Fox News that based on Wednesday’s meeting, it appears Democrats are leaning toward not participating… 

GOP leaders say the select committee is vital, particularly in light of revelations that the Obama administration withheld relevant emails for months — until they were released as part of a lawsuit last week. 

“I expect the members of this committee — Republican and Democrat — to exercise these authorities with a single-minded focus of getting the unvarnished truth about what took place leading up to, during, and following the terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya. The American people will accept no less,” Boehner said in a statement. 

In my opinion, this is all silliness. I can practically hear the Benny Hill music in my brain while I read this.

Do I think there’s been stonewalling and purposeful disinformation on Benghazi from within the White House, DoD, and CIA? You bet I do. Since when do bureaucratic agencies surrender potentially incriminating information willingly? Not in my lifetime. Not in my dad’s lifetime, either. I think most establishment Democrats know this, but they’re more concerned about the party line and less about the truth of what occurred that evening.

On the flip side, House Republicans are accused of pursuing this as part of a political agenda, and not for the sake of justice. Do I believe that? You bet I do. I am quite certain that most establishment Republicans are more concerned about sticking it to Obama, rather than uncovering the truth or achieving justice or whatever. This isn’t about principle. Let’s be real: the whole affair could just as easily be the other way around with the Republicans on the defensive, and they would be reacting the same way.

The establishment Republicans are trying to stick it to Obama, and establishment Democrats are circling the wagons even though there’s clearly evidence of some shady dealings (the scapegoating and continued imprisonment of filmmaker Nakoula proves this). The truth of the matter is that establishment figures on both sides are schmucks who don’t care about the real underlying issues and the principle of the situation.  

Everyone is so riled up over the attack and its results… but what about the why? No establishment political figures seem to really care why. If asked why the attackers carried out the assault, I’m willing to bet that the bottom-line answer many politicians would give is something along the lines of “They hate our freedoms” or some other meaningless platitude we’ve all heard a zillion times since 9/11/2001. “They hate our freedoms”… so they blew up the Embassy and killed the embassy personnel.

Any given individual might hate the U.S. for any given reason; but based on U.S. foreign policy, I think we can formulate a decent generalization: constant meddling in the Middle East is making a lot of Middle Easterners upset. People usually do not like outside interlopers meddling in their affairs. In the long run, outside meddling tends to ultimately alienate both sides of a conflict and lead to all-around bad blood later on. This is exactly what is happening in the Middle East.

Why are American individuals and facilities in these nations often targeted, while the facilities of nations like Mexico, Thailand, and Estonia remain relatively unscathed and untargeted? Simple: because these countries generally keep a low profile on the international scene. They aren’t militaristic. They don’t leap into conflicts around the globe at every given opportunity; basically the opposite of U.S. foreign policy, which is for politicians to gallivant across the world whilst sprinkling troops, guns, and money on conflicts whenever the mood should strike them.

None of these establishment Democrats or Republicans care about the root issue, which is the extreme militarism and interventionism of U.S. foreign policy. Both Democrats and Republicans are A-OK with U.S. foreign policy. Establishment Republicans, of course, have no problem threatening others with chest-thumping and sabre-rattling. Establishment Democrats pretend to be peace-loving, but they absolutely are not. As long Republicans agree to welfare state expansions (which they do, not always in word but in deed), Democrats have no problem with expanding the U.S. warfare state. Their silence while Obama drones on in Yemen and Pakistan proves this.

It’s all silliness. Neither Republicans nor Democrats care to address the real issue at work here, because they both are in agreement over U.S. foreign policy. The Democratic and Republican establishments are more similar than they like to acknowledge. They aren’t actually opposing forces, but merely two bickering halves of the same political institution, which I like to call the National Fascist Coalition; the tyranny of the Donkey and Elephant.

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