Opt Out of Obamacare: 14 Loopholes.

The deadline to purchase insurance plans through Obamacare without a penalty came and went on March 31st. According to Obama, the enrollment goals for Obamacare have been met: approximately 7 million enrollees. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 90% of enrollees have already paid for their plans, which is the key stat. I call BS on that one. I don’t trust anything that comes out of the HHS. I think a far smaller number of enrollees have actually paid. I suspect they’re cooking the books on that front.

Despite Obama’s “mission accomplished” moment, the program is still vastly unpopular. The Democratic Party knows this. Democrats up for re-election this year are afraid. The spectre of Obamacare haunts them. The special election in Florida was just a taste.

To that end, Congressional Democrats badgered the HHS into providing an out to let off some of the electoral heat. There are 14 official exemptions that can get you out of the system. One such exemption: “You received a notice saying that your current health insurance plan is being cancelled, and you consider the other plans available unaffordable.” (You liked it, but you couldn’t keep it.)

The kicker? You do not have to prove that you could not find a low-cost alternative. All you need is proof of cancellation. Easy as pie.

The HSS and Obama Administration have done their damndest to pretend these exemptions don’t exist. They try not to mention them, because they do not want people to get out of the system. They want people to think the system is inescapable. It’s not.

The official form can be found here: http://marketplace.cms.gov/getofficialresources/publications-and-articles/hardship-exemption.pdf

Arm yourself with it.

The Obama Administration and HHS have buried this form. “Sure, you can opt of Obamacare… if you can find the right form! Bwahahah!” These are bureaucracy games at their finest. Thankfully for us, the Internet makes such games more difficult for them. It’s tough to bury a digital form capable of being endlessly copied and shared across the nation.

The sentiment against Obamacare is still overwhelmingly negative. It is the albatross around the neck of Congressional Democrats. November elections fast approach. Those members of the public who have had their policies cancelled will be looking for payback. Congressional Dems have until then to convince the public otherwise.

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